Mavens With Moustaches

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Quarenta Nueve/ cinquenta dos

One portrait of each kiddo...once a week..for one year

Johnny/ brother
Isabella/ dancer
Mateo/ paleontologist 
Cruz/ cuddler

Cinquenta Dos / Cinquenta Dos

One portrait of each child once a week for one year!

Johnny/ tubing
Bella/ snuggling
Mateo/ wishing 
Cruz/ clapping


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Quarenta Ocho / cinquenta dos

One portrait of each bunny...once a week... For one year.

Johnny/ on stage
Bella/ on stage
Mateo/ feeding dinosaurs
Cruz/ waking up

Holy cow it's December!!! Where's the advent?!

Did anyone one else get smacked in the face with December 1? Because insure did and because of it I was totally not prepared for the advent. Every year I make the kids an advent with treats and fun activities and phrases and quotes to reflect on what really makes Xmas...Christmas! My kids are honestly really grateful and never ask for much...and they have always looked forward to the countdown to Christmas more than the morning avalanche of gifts! For this reason I put a lot of effort into this! However this year with the late thanksgiving December 1 just popped up and I had to put together something quickly but still fantastic....I present to you the year of advent I almost ruined! 

I started with a large ish piece of balsa wood's light and splinter free...easy
Gather materials...white lunch sacks...goodies...little gifts...cute tags to write activities on...
Make the list of activities and number them in the order that will make the activity conducive to the day...kept the activities easier on the big kids busy days...
Place tag and treat on treat per kiddo in each bag...
Hot glue each bag on the balsa and and a little garland for fun...
I hung ours where the little chubby ones can't get to...but where we can all see...enjoy...and countdown...
And this one wouldn't fall we had some major multi tasking going on!
 Some of the activities included:
Random acts of kindness
Christmas cookies
Eat dinner in front of tree
Give flower to stranger
Sword fight with siblings
Whoppie cushion prank
String popcorn
Gingerbread house
Celebrate Mateo
Go see lights
Write a thank you to someone you love
Snowman craft
Home alone hot cocoa party
And much more Xmas fun


Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Quarenta y seis/ Cinquenta dos

Once upon a time I was great at this...missed a few weeks but hoping to finish the year strong.
A picture a week..of each kiddo..for one year.

Johnny/ loving
Bella/ dancing
Mateo/ wishing
Cruz / smiling


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Quarenta uno/ Cinquenta dos

One a week...every week...each kiddo...for one year.

Johnny/ working
Bella/ treating
Mateo/ climbing
Cruz/ scaring


Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Quarenta/ cinquenta dos

Bella/ riding
Mateo/ scaring
Cruz/ focusing

I have been so bad about hopping on here and updated my blog. Especially because I enjoy finding Bella reading them and going back to the weekend reviews and smile at me and, I love our lives! So while I'm kicking myself for not updating....I'm going to be better with my memory lane!