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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Healthy recipe: The road trip edition

Tonight would be the night where I would share a yummy and healthy dish with you and I had it all planned BUT I am going on a road trip at 4am with 4 kids and all I can think about is how to keep them all happy, fed, and car sick free!

So here is what I did...

BINS!!!...I mean BINS...BINS...BINS...actually having such a large and busy brood I actually always have my mini van (home on wheels) well equipped and organized with these bins I talk about.
Toy Bin
First Aid Bin
Busy Box Bin
Snack Bin

 I keep the toy bin fresh and new by rotating the toys through and visiting the dollar tree to throw in new surprises every now and then....

 The first aid bin has all it's staples such as band aids, wipes, purell, medicine....but a HUGE tip is to ALWAYS keep some plastic bags handy just in case of car sickness!!!
 Labeled very clearly and in same size bins make for a neat and stackable situation and won't look junky...
 For the trip I bought some new books and wrapped them...I figured any cranky spells or stops at an eatery can be quickly redirected wit a great book...KEY WORD..REDIRECTED!!! (all my fellow behavioral therapists know what I'm saying...right?)
 Also I am schlepping along a big basket filled with healthy snacks...
 And some suckers for me...I get super car sick!!!!
Lastly...if all else fails...I'm blowing up some balloons and we are having a party in that car!!!



Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Doce/ Cinquenta Dos

One portrait of each one of my children once a week for an entire year

Johnny/ Baking something yummy for his Spanish class
Isabella/ getting ready for ballet
Mateo/ asking for a picture
Cruz/ waiting patiently at his doctors check up


Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Roundup: The It's BAAAAACCCKKK edition

So here I am just as I promised on a Monday night blogging the roundup of our weekend.  O sweet memories how I missed you.  I do admit...although I stood strong with the promise to myself in spending every waking moment I could quenching my baby Cruz and his every memory ..I do have a lil regret that I didn't capture it on this lil virtual scrapbook of mine...because I find my self often reading enrties and bringing such gratitude for what I have left behind and what I have now.

This weekend was a much needed and welcomed "slower" paced kind of weekend...we spent it prepping for our upcoming trip and ofcourse DIY-ing...and threw in a couple of firsts as well.

 Mateo in is diaper goodness helping daddy prep the garden for this years crops....
 We spent a great evening with our family including Uncle Pepper and his Mozzarella Balls he drives down for from San Fran....quite the foodie....
 Cruz is really enjoying being a big boy in his bath now...he recently graduated from the baby seat bath to sitting up on his own....
 Mateo and his twin Allie....
 We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at church...had a lil struggle with the Palm Cross making but wonderful none the less

 Aunt Evelyn hanging out with her Sticky Note buddy....
 Cruz enjoying the sand on our Beautiful Sundat morning beach walk...we are so blessed to live by the beach!!!!
 These 2 rascals took there first bubble bath together...Mateo was full of giggles when he saw us sit Cruz in there with him...such a happy pair....and have I mentioned how much I love my kitchen sink!!!!!
 My sweet husband always so great to go along with my many many DIY projects....I will share this weekend project with you later this week.

And finally...although little to most we had such a fun moment watching these two sit side by side on their Costco cart (whichI so diligently wiped with clorax wipes) you see...when I was pregnant with Cruz we often would day dream on the day when we would see these 2 chubby dolls sitting side by side and it happened this us the littlest things in life are HUGE.

I am so grateful to live the life I capture these moments I share them here with you...and look forward to looking back on them often.


Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm baaaaccccckkkk

A beautiful life
A chaotic kind of life
A whine laced... fun boo kissing...meal making...hubby caring..advice cab driving...booty wiping...tucking babies and loving on them kind of days.
It is truly what I live for..and what I know I am really good at...just being mama...and soaking every single second up.
I'm filled with gratitude that although my road has been rocky at times...this road I've walked has led me to the perfect place for me..for my family..and for that I am blessed.

I look back on my pictures all the time...and fall in love with every moment over and over again...I remember all the great memories we have already built together and get so excited to see what comes next in this life.

I recently was trying to recall Mateo's milestones at 6 months and much to my DORY-like memory I really couldn't recall...and then...I remembered...I BLOGGED I looked it up...and there it was perfectly archived waiting for me!  So at that moment I promised myself I not only wanted to but HAD to start blogging again at a regular schedule....of course I will do this for our memories...and also for our family and friends (Miss. WONDERFUL EMILY) who have asked and waited patiently for me to nestle into my life as a mommy of four enough s that I can find some time for this virtual scrapbook of mine.  So thanks to all my friends who have still remained loyal in my tumbleweed absence....cause now...I'm baaaccckkk!

Mon- Weekend Review...bringing you our adventures along with some great and family...I MEAN POSSE FAMILY friendly things to do. 
Tue- I will continue my 52 weeks of portraits
Wed- I will share a healthy and delicious recipe...Thanks PINTEREST
Thur- The Style Bandit will visit the lil ol blog with some fashion happenings...along with her lil Stylish Bandita...Bella Bear
Fri- What ever is inspiring me at that moment.....which lately has been very fitness based...but we will see!

Hope you all will come back a check out the happenings around here...and hear from you soon!


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Once/ Cinquenta Dos I am caught up!
I will be so grateful when I look back at these pictures at the end of the year!

A portrait of each onee of my kids..once a week..for an entire year.

Johnny/Tired..Tired..Tired..after a long week of school and prepping for another show
Bella/ At her church retreat
Mateo/ Actually enjoying a swing ride
Cruz/ Channeling his inner IRISH


Monday, March 18, 2013

Diez/ Cinquenta Dos

One portrait of each child once a week for one year

Johnny/Had a cold
Bella/ Danced a bunch
Mateo/ Jammed
Cruz/ discovered the sink


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nueve/ Cinquenta Dos

My laptop was under the weather...and after a brief stay at the Apple Shop....she is back!

one portrait of each child..once a week...for one year

Johnny/ Guiding Mateo through the zoo
Bella/ her amazing style
Mateo/ at his first dentist check up
Cruz/ smiling at his daddy