Mavens With Moustaches

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day was a Dream

These are my kiddos..Johnny is 12 and a musical prodigy (if you can please allow me to declare that) Bella is 9 and our lil Ballerina, dancing since she was 2..and then there is the new addition to our crew....MATEO...which Daddy has already pegged him to be the future Surf Superstar...Kelly Slater who? These 3 keep us busy but they keep us even more filled with happiness.  I know I was put on this Earth to be a mommy...and I am grateful to God everyday for blessing me with these "bears" as we so lovingly refer to them. 
I had such a nice Mother's Day...we spent it enjoying our home...our peace...ourselves. We didn't have to rush out one had a game...or a recital...or an appointment.  All we had was jaccuzzi..gardening..baking..and ofcourse eating!  I hope you all spent a very relaxing day as well!  Thanks for stopping by. -Me

Our Bella...for Mother's Day she let me do her hair my favorite 2 buns...I loved it..I kept grabbing them!
My Jamas....I don't like surprises....and I honestly don't like people spending money on me ( i know..i a freak) so when I knew mommy day was rolling along..I said "Let's spend the day re-doing one of our flower beds"!  Because our yard is in need of a makeover, but I'm not complaining...I'm very grateful for our home and yard...just want to make it a lil prettier! (A lil side note this flower bed here was previously infested with the biggest and baddest THORNY rose bush...which long story short our new dog Bear whom we had just adopted was playing around in it...scratched his face up and it got we had to rush him to surgery because it got so bad it looked like he got hit by a car...someone actually asked if he was. So $500 later our backyard redo savings fund was used up on our new pups emergency!)  So lil by lil we will whip this yard into shap....and if by chance there are any HGTV producers out there in BLOGLAND...I would love to be your next yard in crisis! hehehehe!


  1. Ohhh Lordy maria, here we go! I get to cyber stalk you now! I am happy you are recording your life, you are so happy and an amazing person and mom to be around and you NEED to share your world! I love you! <3

  2. love this! glad you are going to be a blog nerd with me :) can't wait to read/see more. xoxo, christina