Mavens With Moustaches

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Welcome Saturday nice to see you...

Another Jam packed week with my busy and energy filled as much fun as we all had...its time for a lil rest...o wait..never mind...project filled weekend nd preparing for Easter is on my check list of things to do...I guess I will rest when I die! :)

I had an appt. with the Doc to check on our lil blueberry and she/he sounds beautiful and happy..and quite anxious to join us out here in CRAZY BRYAN-ARNOLD LAND!
The wait in the room was quite long...thank God the lil one decided to nap throughout it..and big brother joined in...but my Lil Woman Bella stayed awake to check over her brothers while the doc saw me!

 This funny kid was so easy going during my many errands I had to go on to prepare for the kids rooms undertaking...I know...Im only half way through my pregnancy..but those who know me best know this is the way I house has to always be prepared for all my lil bunnies! It brings me peace.
 Mateo's love for anything and everything farm animal continues and I honestly cant handle how cute it we see him hoarding a cow, horse, and LION?

 Our beauty at her Open House...very proud of her work and desk..but mostly her fabulous outfit...
 Dida was able to take a long lunch and join us which made us all happy...especially Mateo..he LOVES John...I think it's the GOATEE! :)  We enjoyed Bella's work and then had a splendid lil picnic right outside her classroom!

 Kiss Requests happen pretty often around these parts...
 I found this perfect curl buried in Johnny's fro...I fell in love..and named it Valdamir the Curl....
 Again with The Farm we see him in his best MOOOOOOOOO state...
 Then we headed out to Johnny's APA meeting...guess where I spent most of the time...yes...that's the hall way with a certain BABBLING CUTIE...thank goodness Big John came too!

 Johnny had his school concert where he performed...wait for it...wait for it...SAXSAPHONE..I know!  It was so weird to see him play this...I'm used to the guitars, bass, and drums....But it was really cool!
 My wonderful luck..I try to get a picture with all four kiddos and they all come out blurry...REALLY?
And finally we celebrated this cuties HONOR ROLL acheivements again!!!!! YEAH BELLA BEAR!

Whew...I'm taking a nap!


Thursday, March 29, 2012

Graceful Bella

This week our wacky lil Bella Bear was tested on her graceful side....she had her first Ballet exams.  I was so proud on how serious she took it..practicing her moves..and vocabulary..many words that I couldn't even pronounce, she had it down!  And she looked breathtakingly GORGEOUS!  

She did an amazing job...and her brother was waiting outside the door for her with a bouquet of flowers for her and her cute partner Gabby!  Mateo manages to pass the time with the barn and farm animal friends of his!


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend Roundup: The Big Rainy Date Edition

I HATE Mondays..only because I enjoy my weekends sooooooo very much when we are all together!  I love cooking for my large and happy family...I love tucking every kid in...even Johnny still...I know..but he humors me!  I also LOVE daydreaming with my husband about the bun in the oven! I love tackling our home projects and even grocery shopping together.  I am so grateful that I have such an amazing and grateful man by my side to share this all with.

 Grateful that I had my best day at the show this week..and I almost didn't go...whew..met some great ladies from Oregon who were on vacation and in the mood to shop! ;)
 My lil bump growing and growing...can barely see my toms peeping out!
 My neighbor at work...can I be any luckier...and there was a mama and baby cute!!!  The baby nursed all morning!!!!
 Chasing my Mexican cravings with my CONFUSED looking Bella Bear...
 Another bump shot!
 On a date with my love...we were lucky enough to have the Babysitter Extrodinaire Paige watch the kiddos for a couple of hours...and we will make sure to squeeze in as many dates as we can before baby #4 comes!
 In line for the movie..why so empty you ask?  We were the only humans on the planet not watching The Hunger Games on that cozy rainy Sunday Afternoon...

 LOOOOOOKKKK!!!!!! I got to wear a wedge and feel sassy for my hubby!
 But the rain forced my boots to come out...
 While Bella was at ballet and Johnn at the movies...we visted The DEPOT tackling one of many ideas and projects before baby arrives...can't wait to share...
 Walking up and down the aisles...

 So Pretty...which did we choose?
 There he is...
 Got CHA!!!
 Don't tell Bella because she will shank us..but while we waited for her to get out of ballet we HAD to get our yogurt fix in!!!
 Oh...LOOK another baby bump....

I dont know how..but we also managed to get in a trip to Ikea AND haircuts for the boys...we are quite the possee and numbers don't seem to slow us down...we will see once baby arrives!

The End