Mavens With Moustaches

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Twas the night before the night before Cruzmas

Less than 48 hours...Oh my WORD...I am so excited...because in less than 48 hours my family will be finally complete...we will have welcomed our sweet baby Cruz.

Everything is ready..the house is spotless and organized in tip top OCD shape...the baby clothes and linens are all full of DREFTY goodness...the car seat is bags are packed...the weeks menu is ready...and the family is waiting...and with all that said and done...all I ask is that God bless me with a safe delivery and healthy baby boy...because that is all i want and need and pray for.

The shirts for the big day....I decided to design and get these made in order to include all my babies 14 year old to 20 month old...I couldn't leave anyone out...but I also couldn't expect my metal head teenager to wear something silly (he totally would...but I didnt want to ask that of him) so this is what I came up with...and they turned out great!

 The treats for all the nurses that will be helping me throughout my lengthy C Section stay
 The lunch I took my big kids to in order to enjoy them and thank them for all they do and did for our family throughout my pregnancy and beyond...I literally do not know what I would do without them...I am so very blessed.
 The goodie bags I surprised them with...
 The treats they found....

Now I rest...I pray...and I wait just a little longer for him.

Volcano Belly

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Our blueberry...THIRTY EIGHT WEEKS!!!!

As I sit here alone in the dark..while everyone else sleeps..and I continue to "enjoy" my pregnancy induced insomnia...I can't help to just shake with excitement...I cannot wait to be complete.  I cannot wait to welcome the last piece of the puzzle of our lives...our Cruz.  We are all so excited...and continue to be on our lock down waiting for Mr. Cruz to make his appearance...which literally feels like any second with all these delightful contractions I have been having!  I am so grateful for my kids...and for this wonderful summer we have spent together...and even though I am sadly also counting down to Johnny starting HIGH SCHOOL in 1 week...and Bella in 2 weeks...I have to hold on to the amazing summer memories we made together.  I don't know what in the world I would have done without them...both Johnny and Bella often took care of Mateo so that I could grab a nap here and there...and they NEVER complained if I was too tired to go anywhere during their summer vacation...they were just happy having our home days...enjoying their lives...and waiting for their youngest brother to bake in the tummy! :)

We got crafty tonight...and messy...but it was so fun...did I mention messy!
I love you so much Johnny, Isabella, Mateo, and Cruz.


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Weekend wrap up....OCD edition

We enjoyed Johnny's Jazzy performance at Bella Terra Friday night...3 hours of performing!!!! They did a great job...the crowd was really enjoying it...and Johnny was so stoked because he got paid....he is officially a paid musician.
Some of Johnny's BIGGEST FANS...

Mr. Mateo had a lot of underwear time this weekend...with success....I figure if my Volcano Belly was going to be mostly locked doen at home...I would be productive in the potty training department...
I also noticed a lot of this happening...I think he senses he is no longer the baby...and he is trying to get some extra snuggles in with mama...

And finally my awesome Cousin Pepper and his lil family came to visit us all the way from San was so good to see him...growing up Pepper and I were more like brother and sister...a true and awesome brother...we are a lot alike ...and have so much fun together...I miss him ever since he moved up North a few years ago...and he and his wife Sandra have an adorable lil girl named Allie who is nly 1 month younger than Mateo so we all really just had a great time!  I just wish they lived closer! :(
And we also spent the ENTIRE weekend cleaning like crazy people...nesting like there is no tomorrow....we are so ready for Mr. Cruz...that bassinet sure is looking pretty empty right ready to bundle up a baby...but not as much as my arms are!

I'm slowing down folks....I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...and in that light I see the shadows of a cute chubby baby!!!!!!!! :)


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cheez Club Forever!!!!

There are many many things I adore and admire about my of the greatest is just how creative and different they are.
None of them own any DS Nintendo crap thingy (excuse my language)..we DON'T own a game system...they dont now or will ever have a TV in their rooms...and pretty much their options are play outside or read a book. 
(please be advised..I am a total hypocrite because I myself am a total reality show addict junk and I should totally be ashamed of myself for even demanding anti media out of my kids...but I do...and will always...they will thank me for it someday..and be much brighter than their Real Housewife watching mama...that is all!)

With hypocrisy aside...Cheez Club LIVES...and they made their second annual presentation this August and it was so flippin adorable I almost fainted.

Bella gathers a bunch of her Ballet Buddies (plus 1 lil monkey) and with their collaborations they design, choreograph, and put on this amazing show.  they coordinate music, make up and is really just so impressive to watch and the work they put into it is awesome.  throughout the summer they met once a week at our house and slowly but surely put it all together...with the BIG presentation coming a lil earlier this summer because there were 2 VERY PREGNANT mommas in the fact Mama Beck gave birth shortly after that to an adorable Grady Boy!

So Cheers to CHEEZ CLUB...and Cheers to the beautiful and creative minds of all these kids!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amongst The Living...the last weekend

So this is it...this was the last weekend I walked amongst the living...I am officially in somewhat hibernation...I had a short bucket list of things I just HAD TO DO before Cruz was born...and on the top was to take the kids to the Museum of Natural I can just experience what it is to watch Mateo melt in all his DINOSAUR OBSESSED GLORY...and let me tell was totally worth it!
Forget the lil side note that my contractions got so intense on the way home that I literally thought I was going to be one of those mamas that give birth on the 405 freeway somewhere between Compton and Long Beach...Thank God I didn't and still have my fourth a final C SECTION to look forward to....YEAH FOR C SECTIONS!!!!  This weekend was also the last week I would attend my final day at my sweet lil art was bittersweet...I will miss all the sweet faces..and of course styling some peeps up as well.  I just LIVE for transforming peoples is so fun...and I actually have some cool ideas that I will share with you all after I settle in with Cruz....a project I can launch 100% from home!  
It was a beautiful day at the beach...and had some wonderful people stop by to say goodbye...including The Virgo sweet Emilie...whom funny enough she was my very first customer over a year ago...and she was my very last one this week...isn't that just CRAZY...I swear we didn't plan it...she surprised me.  And a big thank you to all my supportive friends who came by my lil boutique throughout this year to visit and most important just give great support to me..The Style Bandit...and small businesses everywhere!

 EMILE sporting some of my new feather bracelets that are proving to be an all time favorite!
 My bags are packed...good bye Art Show

 Olympic Birthing should be a sport...I think I could possibly medal...

 We were driving around in LA waiting for Teo to wake up from his nap when we came up on this crazy GYSER..someone crashed into a hydrant moments looked CRAZY...kinda scary.

 This poor turtle

Beautiful weekend...but it's now time to chill.