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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Three's Company

Here it is...the lil ones room!
I am really happy with the way this came out..especially because we had so many had to be:
for 2 lil boys and 1 very girly girl
I had to keep the same wall color..because this preggers mama was NOT going to paint sir
it had to be cheerful
it had to be safe
and there still had to be enough room for the kids to pay in there..
and happily I can say we acheived it all...I think.
And..I couldn't have done it without my amazing partner in Jamas.

This will be Cruz' spot
Here is Mateo's bed...I wanted some artwork on that big wall but was afraid of the Big One finally hitting California and it falling and squishing my instead I made this nifty piece that I found on..what else..PINTEREST.  Nails, twine, pencil, and patience is all you need.



This big animal print right over yonder..right side of picture..was the same exact one that hung in James' nursery 30 years ago!

The new shelf I bought white but quickly painted Candy Apple red houses mostly Bella Bear's stuff..notice the Ipod dock is up high..away from wondering lil chubby Mateo hands! 

It was quite the challenge to find coordinating bedding that wouldn't be to boyish or girlish...but I think this was a cool compromise!
The fish tank is still here..much to the kids happiness... 
I died over these curtains that took the place of the ugly mirrored closet doors that just had to go..and I made that banner for the entire room...and it really added the finito touch! 
This snazzy lil frame with chicken wire now houses all of Bella's earrings. 
Some vintage toys and such add some delightfulness to the space..dont cha think? 
Muno keeps Mateo's spot warm during the day..being tall and friendly as always.. 
 Ahhhhhhh...already have our Baby Boy Cruz' clothes hanging..I will Dreft wash it soon before he arrives.

 Their picture collage..picture of all my dumplings as babies..notice there are some missing..for a certain Mr. Cruz.  These frames are amazing..form Ikea..very lightweight so no problems if that said BIGONE hits...also..every single piece of furniture in this room is strapped down...monkeys can invade this room and we would be good...
 I wonder what Cruz will look like!? 

 Bella's spelling bee medal
 This is his tractor from Auntie Rachel in Nebraska

Thanks For Looking...Hope you liked it!


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