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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Trienta Seis / Cinquenta Dos

One picture of each child..once a week..for one year

Johnny/ hair
Bella / hair
Mateo/ hair
Cruz/ hair


Friday, September 6, 2013

Cowboys and Indians

Been quite absent around these parts on the lil ol blog...but I wanted to share Cruz's was so great...and the look on his face the entire time was so worth all the work! 

These were the invites...I wanted them to be front and back with a cowboy on the other side but the hat was messing up the look of the feathers.

Prepping the party was some work...but luckily the boys kept themselves busy playing in the tee pee that Teri and I made...truth be told one of the main reasons for the theme was to make my lil blueberry one of these bad boys.

This lil Indian was a lil confused on his role at first

I decided to create some big back drops the week before the party some can save time with streamer backdrops...because I knew for sure...time would be something I didn't have with napping...feeding...dressing...and all the other one million things I had to do! This one is a pallet with some twine where I clothes pinned pictures of Cruz throughout the year...a bandana banner to give it the cowboy feel...and some yarn bombed letters to give it the pop if color.

My hunky white hubby and our lil blonde Mateo were the only cowboys...the rest of us were Indians...naturally!

I blew up these pictures engineer plan size and mounted them on canvas...I added some mixed media in order to give them some was so hard to choose pictures....but these were definetly some of my favorite.

I created a billboard on our outdoor chalkboard with deets on the blueberry and flanked it with some smaller laced tee pees

The chief and his lil Indian.

We bought this bouncy ball thingy and Cruz llloooooovvvveeeedddd it...he smiled and played for hours!

Loved it!

Sums it up'

The lil Indian during the calm before the storm.

I made lil sandwiched for the babies spelling out Cruz lee Bryan...and as you can see they were liked. The adults had roast beef and chicken paninis that I topped with basil tomato..pesto..and the most amazing garlic apricot spread known to man...I promise I will blog this's too yummy not to share...and easy. On a frustrating note I ran out of time and forgot to put out an adorable apple and granola sandwich and grape Carmel rolled in pralines...but I did manage to throw out these adorable mason jars filled with turkey chili and topped with cornbread. 

Standing ovation for his Bella and Emily who put on a cute story time and bubble show for the kids.

This was Cruz watching the bubble show....he was mezmerized...

Smash cake time...

Squishy butt...

This was all I see this yummy fatso dig in...

His adorable godparents...

Smash cake glory..

Bath time

Beautiful mess!

We hired the ice cream truck to surprise the was great to see them rush it and grandpa treating everyone to yummy goodies...we love our grandpa Doug!

Proud grandpa who literally flew in for 24 hours to be here.

My happy hunk

Happy birthday blueberry I hope you loved it all!


Trienta cinco/ Cinquenta dos

One picture omn each child...once a week..for one year

Johnny/ fort
Bella/ dare
Mateo/ farm
Cruz/ yum

Trienta Quartro/ Cinquenta dos

One picture of each...once a week...for one year

Johnny/ chief
Bella/ in charge 
Mateo/ indulge
Cruz/ one