Mavens With Moustaches

Friday, October 28, 2011

Under the weather...Mac and I are.

I can't remember the last time I got a flu shot...but now I remember why I never makes me sick.  And on the same mac book decides to go crazy on me too...we both aren't feeling well.  But it's going to take mind over matter....because I have a big weekend...a 2 day craft show....Bella's Big 10th Birthday SLUMBER PARTY (what was I thinking agreeing to this 1 week after our wedding) :(...and then I want to yes...another pumpkin patch!  Talk to you all soon...with hopefully a Wedding Day roundup...the pictures turned out great...especially of the kids...a llil hint...Mateo wore a BOWTIE!!!!

Bellas breakfast party is this weekend...just finished her party favors! Thanks pinterest!
Bella"s Party Favors for her campout slumber party!


Monday, October 24, 2011

Trying to properly articulate it...

It was a dream come true
A gift from mother nature was the weather
A gift from Johnny was walking me down the aisle
A gift from Bella was being my Maid of Honor
A gift from Mateo was wrestling in the sand after the ceremony
A gift Michelle was marrying me to my Jamas
A gift from Sandra was her friendship and support
A gift from our family and friends was their presence
A gift from Jamas was his promise to love me forever and becoming my husband
A gift from God was leading Jamas into my life.

I still have not come down from my cloud in order to properly articulate the happiness this October 22, 2011 brought me...and how beautiful everything was...but I will try soon...and when I do...I will share.

Mrs. Bryan

Friday, October 21, 2011

Our 10 month old bunny...Mateo

Quality  time with his cousin Sammy


Pumpkin Patch

Messy Meals = No shirt

I seriously CANNOT believe this muffin is 10 months old!!!  I cannot belive he will be blowing out the candles on his cake in just 2 months....wowza...infact once I'm done with this wedding business and Bella's's time to plan his BIG 1 BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!  I already have a grand vision!

Anywho...let's focus this lil cupcake has reached many milestones this month...
He can clearly say: mama, dada, bear, hi, bella...and he has tried johnny but hasn't quite tackled that one yet.
He is also very taken by The Nightmare Before Christmas Movie Soundtrack...LOVES IT!
He started dancing this month
Waves goodbye and hello to everyone
He tasted pizza for the first time...omg.

We love him so much...and continue to watch him grow in awe!

Mommy & Daddy are getting married she probably won't be back for a couple of days. xoxo

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Love of my Life.

If you follow me on this blog you would know a lot about me...not everything...but  alot.
You would know that I got married and became a mommy at a very young age..
You would know that I had a TOTALLY different plan for my life that was completly derailed when a lil angel named Johnny blessed my life.
You would know that I married  John way too early to realize he was not meant to be my husband but my friend for life instead.
You would know that I have also been blessed with 2 more angels named Isabella and Mateo
You would know that I live for the true and simple in life..I'm not fussy..and I am a hopeless romantic
You would know that I am a loyal friend and once my heart has accepted will be there forever
You would know that I have been betrayed by many people who I once called friend
You would know that I went through some really tough years only to come out of them a much stronger and wiser woman
And would know...that a couple of years ago...I met the LOVE OF MY soulmate...the man I am honored to call my own.

I am humbly grateful that my Jamas came into my life....that he found me...fell inlove with me...and never let me go.

Mr. Jamas Bryan...I am so honoed that in just 2 days...I will officially be your MRS.


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Friend for life...that's what you will always be...

I am grateful for you
I am honored to work alongside you
I am inspired by you
I am challenged by you

You drive me insane sometimes
You are often wrong and I am right
You are often right and I am wrong
Together we have raised an exceptional young man
Together we have raised an extrodinary young lady
Together we maintained their happiness through the stormiest of years we spent together
They never one knew...that we weren't meant to be
But together we got through it...braved the storm..and came out stronger than ever.

I am sorry I broke your heart
I am sorry I said no more
But I am not sorry for that moment I met have made me a better person..your family will forever be mine..and I love you all forever.

So on this day...just days away from becoming someone elses wife..I want to say to you that above anything else..I have so much respect for you, honor to you, and eternal love for you because of the father you are and have always been.


Monday, October 17, 2011


 When Johnny was right about Mateo's age...amybe a tad older I took him to Dunk's Barbershop for his 1st ever haircut...he was sooo cute sat there so still and observant...great day..lovely memory...the stylist was a tall older man..looked like he stepped right out of a classic movie..wonderful.  With that said let me share our Mateo's experience...we took him for his 1st ever cut this weekend...and was interesting.....

I was suckered into this place because of the cute novelty car chair (which proved to be a pain/death trap)!  Notice everyone is happy...about to begin..

Just like big brother Teo was a good boy...sat very still and was enthralled with it all...

Oh but wait...let me introduce you to his hairdresser..her name is CHATTING CATHY..and  let's just say Chatting Cathy liked to :)  I don't think she remembered that she had a 9 month old at her station because she was gossiping as if he were a weekly regular in to get his roots retouched.  Notice Jamas was so funny to watch...the woman would not took 20 min...when it should have taken at the most 5 min!

Bella mourning Mateo's cut curl...son't worry we saved it!

But at the end of the day...chatting cathy...although VERY  VERY CHATTING...she cut good hair!

I know...I know...horrible picture...but I guess Chatting Cathy is also known as CATHY CAN'T TAKE PICTURES too!  :)
I laugh at Jamas face...he was exhausted after that session! hahahahaha


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Working overtime....

Greatest model EVER!
I am so very UBER excited to present to you the new items over at THE STYLE BANDIT shop...I have been busy busy putting it all together and listing some great new items for...wait for it...wait for it...CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!!!  I have some really cute and unique pieces for those hard to peg lil ladies in your life!  Hope you like it!


Friday, October 14, 2011

Flashback Fridays....what came first the ring or the ring bearer?...

Cuz it's how we roll!


DELICIOUS...and is bearing rings for  mommy and daddy!


Thursday, October 13, 2011

Michelle would have shanked me....

SO today was a great day...I got a lil smidgen on what it feels like to be MRS. James Bryan...we went and got our MARRIAGE LICENSE!!!! So we applied in the CUTEST building in all of Orange County...NO CONTEST...The Old Courthouse.  It looked like something out of period film.  It literally was so beautiful..I joked around asked Jamas "Should we just get married now"?  knowing how spontaneous that crazy guy is I shouldn't have even suggested it...he said "okay!:)" But there is noooooo way...Michelle, Sandra and the kids would have shanked us!!!  But...we got it...we are all set to be married this October 22 infront of the beautiful Pacific Ocean.  James kept his name..hahaha...and I will now be known as Maria Bryan...oh...but wait!!!  I changed my middle name...legally i is...Marta-Arnold...YEAH!  I did this for 2 reasons...#1 for our big, ballet, confusion wanted here...and #2 I love my ARNOLD name...I LOVE THE ARNOLDS!!!  I love John and his entire family so much that I have been honored to be an Arnold for this long...and I didn't want to see it come to an end...and I made this decision with both of John and Jamas' blessing!  I am definetly now a Bryan...and I am so honored for that....and I will be honored til the day i die!

The Beautiful Old Courthouse in Santa Ana



The only bummer I forgot my camera....sorry for the phone pics!


Wednesday, October 12, 2011


A few months ago I stumbled upon a MOST CHICNESS blog called Four Flights of Fancy..and I became obsesso with it.  I love it because it is a nice mix of fashion, food, and fun.  I have made a couple of her receipes..her pretzels, rice, and ITALIAN SODA (which I am convinced I overdosed on one's so good!).  Anywho, today...she is featuring MOI...and hosting a giveaway from my shop! YEAH!!!!
so go check her out and say hello
Happy Face for Four Flights of Fancy...I'm featured over at her ULTRA CHIC blog today!!!

I'm hosting a giveaway..and if you pop over to her will find out how to enter! 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Thank you rain..thank you Mr. Z and Thank you Mrs. Gomez

The other morning nature brought us a super snuggle inducing morning of rain...I LOVE RAIN..the smell, the look, the snuggles, the feel, and especially the beauty it brings after with rainbows and crispness and clarity in the air...breath-taking!
It seriously took every ounce of my "do the right thing" to send the kids to school that morning...I just wanted to keep them home and snuggle and watch movies.

I got to chatting with my friend Krystyna and she threw out a fabulous idea...sign the kids out of school early and surprise them with a WARM pizza and movie sooner did she say that and I scooped Mr Mateo up and we braved the lil storm we had going on and picked some siblings and pizza up pronto!
In my defense..Johnny only had gym and science left...and Bella only had 45 min of short day it was PERFECTO!!!!
I love watching the rain in the pool


Happy lil Bear

The only rule is that they had to get into jammies before we started

oh yeah...did I mention this lil rascal was trying to swipe the pizza...I mean really never even tasted pizza?

But that all changed this day...

The boy was hooked!

All we needed now was Tim Burton's classic  PEE WEE's BIG ADVENTURE

Worth everything!!!!!

This is what I live for!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Round Up..t minus 2 weeks!

We enjoyed The St. Bonaventure Fesitval

In less than 2 weeks....REALLY?  Shouldn't I be freaking out...throwing around some bridezillla-ish moments....nah!  Instead we enjoyed a very nice Fall-ish weekend..filled to the brim with fun not torturing Jamas and the family with Jordan almond, shoe dying, dj judging, cake tasting, bouquet making craziness over here!

Mateo enjoyed it

Big John avoiding the camera
Beautiful Day

Hay bales...check, flowers...check, pumpkins..check, love of life...CHECK!

The moment I have been waiting sweet lil family walking into the years first Pumpkin Patch!

Heaven on Earth


Loves of my life


Choo-choo...this makes me so happy!


Strong Boy

Hubba, Hubba...hotty!

Johnny wanted to take his lil brother through The Mirror  Maze

Mirror Maze Fun

Big Brother won his Baby Brotther a prize

Our Bella Bear

I can't articulate HOW much I LOVE this bunch...and yes...I'm including The pumpkin too!

Wishing you a Happy Week...