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Friday, September 30, 2011

Flashback Fridays....when she was just a friend...and now she is my sister

I stumbled upon this picture recently of Sandra and moi...and we were good friends...but this girl is now someone I call my sister.

She is a talent.
She is a great listener.
She is an amazing Auntie and Godmommy
She is the one I can lounge with and talk for hours with
She is the one that comes over to Pinterest with me
She picks up my daughters homework from her class when she has been sick all week
She is the one that knows my style so well that she could literally pick out my wedding dress
She is a photographer
She is a caring person
She is a Pinning addict
She inspires me
She is the one I lie to about times so she is never late
She is my sister.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Do lunches like these exsist?

I had a delightful lunch today with my Bella Bear and Big John today...because Bella was a sicky..stayed we went to visit her daddy at work because he missed we did with our Mateo in tow...and it was lunches like these exsist with ex's?

Ups and downs....bad..horrible..worst...calm...better...hurtful...heartache...better again...even better...the best it's ever been...the reason I was meant to have kids with made me a better person then....and you make me a better person now....I loved you then...I loved you during the storm...I love you today...and I will love you for the rest of my life.  We have broken all cliches...we have proved many people wrong...we have totally re invented the word divorce...we have weathered the storm holding hands and loving strong.  Dear John...eventhough we were never meant to get married...we were SO MEANT to have 2 beautiful and wonderful babies together who are growing up to be such extrodinary and exceptional human beings...and I am so honored to do this with you.  Now....I just have 1 major problem with you....I refuse to call you my sounds so ugly...instead you are and will always be my friend..I adore you and am so glad we had a great lunch together with our lil BELLARINA....she was twirling with happiness.


Friday, September 23, 2011

Flashback Fridays....time is flying by too fast

I cannot believe that I just took Mateo for his 9 month check seems like just yesterday he slept in my arms for hours on end...and now this lil bunny wants to keep up with his brother and sister.  From the beginning these 3 were peas in a perfect lil precious pod...I love them so much and I don't know what I would do without any of them.  When I was in the doctors waiting room yesterday with Mateo I was sitting there thanking God that from the many many many times I have sat in that same waiting room it has always been one filled with good news.  Everytime the doctor listened to their heartbeats, checking their eyes, testing their blood...always to have positive results.  I am so grateful...and so very happy!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My cooking buddy...Pinterest.

So you have the moms that are intense and cook the 1 meal for the entire family...and then you got the short order cook mom who cooks different meals for each member....I like to think I fall somewhere in between the 2. I love cooking and seeing the entire family love what I serve makes me so happy.  I always keep everyones likes and dislikes in mind and then introduce some new ingredients now and then...and this has made for some really healthy eaters...I can't complain.  The most challenging thing sometimes is finding healthy and EASY..QUICK meals.  Well....thanks to pinterest I have been finding some GREAT ones...I have cooked and baked several receipes from my Pinterest boards and they have all been easy and delicious.  Today was no exception...I have had a super busy week and today was non stop so I needed something yummy and quick...hence THE DELICIOUS HONEY DRUMSTICK...try it will love it.

Ginger Honey Chicken
12 drumsticks
8 T Soy Sauce
8 T Honey
4 t minced garlic
4 T fresh grated ginger
4 t balsamic vinegar
That's it!

 Combine all the ingredients together in a bowl...
 Prep the drumsticks and make a couple of slits on each one.
 Pour the mixture over the drumsticks in a large freezer bag...
And pop in the oven at 400 degrees for 45 minutes...serve with brown rice and veggies and watch the food be inhaled by the FAMILIA.
SOOOOO easy and SOOOOO yummy.
Didn't even get a pic of the final product because it was attacked my some hungry bears! :)

Thanks Again Pinterest!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Our 9 month old bunny...Mateo

So here is our Lil man in all his 9 month glory.....GOSH...I cannot believe how the time has flown...I can't even remember my life Pre-Mateo...all I know is that it was a life incomplete.  We are so in love with him and continue to joyfully watch as he grows, learns, and fits in his lil nest he made in our family.  This month this busy bee has:
Started and LOVES eating rice and beans (his latin roots showing off somehow:))
crawls at the speed of light
Can pull himself up on anything that will stay still enough
Playing with his toys instead of always trying to eat them
talking up a storm...a lot!
imitating sounds (and screams)
Drinking water out of his sippy bottles for this kid
Blossoming relationship with his puppy..these 2 follow eachother everywhere
and..the best one...he waves Hi and cute!

So there you have it...the kid is a mover and a shaker..let's see what the next chapter holds

still only 2 teeth..but all I have to say is....OUCH...they are sharp!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

A-Z about ME.......

I'm having a lovely morning here in... NOW..FINALLY...sunny Huntington Beach...or I guess it's Sunset Beach...either way it's been great.  So here I am no sweet Mateo to climb on me...No Bella bear to ask me to do her nails..and No Johnny to ask me to make his 12th meal of the's just me and my laptop enjoying this beautiful I HAVE TO BLOG SOMETHING...ANYTHING. :)  I came across this cute A-Z list and thought I would give it a go!

A-Age: 33 however, I usually lie and shave a year or 2 off.
B-Bed Size: We have the big bad CALIFORNIA KING..and I kid you not I need a stool to get in it!
C- Chores I hate: I am weird...I have a nesting obsession so I do love all my chores!
D-Dogs: We have 1 adorable and LOVEABLE dog that we named Bear..we rescued him when Mateo was only 2 weeks dog ever..with the exception of his occasional antics..he is a German Shepard Golden Retriever mix.
E- Essential start of my day: Without a doubt..kisses from everyone...and my CHAI LATTE ofcourse!
F- Favorite Color:  The color of the sky and ocean...BLUE
G- Gold or Silver: I would have to say silver...but I do enjoy a bronzy vintage gold too.
H- Height: I'm proud to be vertically challenged at a petite 5'1"!
I- Instuments I play: Eventhough I gave birth to a musical prodigy (no joke) I actually do not play an instrument...I I guess I can say my voice is my instument. hahaha
J- Job title: Retired for a bit from one of the greatest jobs EVER..ABA Therapist working with children with autisum, owner of The Style Bandit...and the best job without a doubt MOMMY.
K- Kids: Johnny 13 and towering over me...Isabella 9 and dancing around me...Mateo 8 months and crawling all over me..and #4 currently in my prayers to join us soon.
L- Live: In Westminster, CA but i was born in San Jose, Costa Rica
M- Mother's maiden name: Araya..just like Slayers very own Tom Araya
N- Nicknames: Mariquita which means ladybug in spanish
O- Overnight hospital stays: 3...all for my C-section deliveries to my bambinos!
P- Pet Peeves- I might have too many..bad know the ones that take 2 spots up with a tiny car...and I loathe walking into my home if it's a mess!
Q- Quote you love: "Those who mind Don't matter..and those who matter Don't mind" - Dr. Suess
R- Right or Lefty: Lefty
S- Sandwich: Veggie with extra avocado
T- Time you wake up: these days it depends on Mr. Mateo...but usually around 6:45am.
U- Underwear: Depends on the outfit...hahahaha
V- Vegetable you hate: I LOVE VEGGIES...but I HATE...PEAS..yucko!
W- What makes you run late:  This lil woman names Bella always re-thinking her outfits ALWAYS make us run late!  But I have to admit...I LOVE that she loves fashion...I mean come on she is the daughter of THE STYLE BANDIT! hahahaha
X- Xrays I've had: Being one of the clumsiest people ever...might come as a surprise that I have never broken a the only xrays I've had are for teeth.
Y- Yummy food I make:  I have been told my  Shepards Pie is yummy and my Red Velvet Whoppie Pies are yummy.
Z- Zoo animal: I fell in love with the Hippo during our last visit to the San Diego Zoo this summer..she and her baby were so lovely!

Well there you have it....hope you enjoy it!

I want to send a big thank you for all who visited me today at my show...especially Fabulous Emilie and her wonderful Father.

Word around town is that my reader fanbase is growing which makes me soooooo happy...but if you guys actually sign up for yahoo and follow me than I can start some fun giveaways....soooo for the people who either comment of start following my blog....I will be giving away a special booble from THE STYLE BANDIT....hurry's going to be good!!!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

The Style Bandit Weekend....TAKE TWO

So where do I start?  This past weekend was the one I chose to launch The Style Bandit make its appearance at an Art show near you! And, ummmmmm, let's just say there were a couple bumps in the road!  But looking at the glass half full rather than half empty...atleast I could say this weekend can only go better!

It started Saturday EARLY morning when I was of in dreamland but I could hear in the distance thunder and feel the light of lightning?????  What in the world?  September THUNDERSTORMS....TORRENTIAL RAIN?????  I woke up and it looked clear enough to pack up all my brand new spankin new displays I had so feverishly worked on in the past couple weeks...DRIP..DRIP...I continueed to ignore the lil drops here and there..DRIP..DRIP...DROP...still was stubborn and foucused in making my debut.  And just as...I MEAN LITERALLY as we drive away...TORRENTIAL RAIN FALLS UPON MY CUTE LIL SETUP IN THE BACK OF THE TRUCK!!!!! OMG!!!!!  SOAKED!!!!  We quickly turn back and just as a curtosiy I call the manager assuming its cancelled and she replies...and i QUOTE..."You assume wrong...I'm basking in the sun as we speak".  REALLY? I ask...ok. So we wait for the rain to pass load up again...and on our way...we arrive at Sunset Beach...AND...I dont know if in this womans mind by BASKING IN THE SUN....she actually meant FREEZING IN THE RAIN!!!!!  Long story short we had the great pleasure of setting up in the rain...and waiting for the sun to finally make an apperance....better late than never I guess!

 On our merry way...
 The Rain came a pourin'
 I was excited for the rain....
 My amazing man rushing to get everything back in the garage...

 And while Mateo was watching me inside the nice dry truck...
 And I made crazy faces at him....
 Poor daddy was in the middle of this...
 And ended up looking like this....
 And this....
But luckily we finally got there...and had a nice day...and had this cute lil one came to visit me with her mama...and made my day!

Thanks for you all who came to visit...and I hope to see more of you out there tomorrow.

Peter's Landing Farmer's Market
Right across from the Water Tower on PCH
9:30 am til 2:30 pm

Super cute Farmer's Market with Fresh flowers and produce....I love it!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Drumroll Please....

Ladies and has arrived...the time of year where our lives or atleast Bella's is totally consumed with EVERYTHING NUTCRACKER....she has graced the Christmas-y Stage for the past 3 years in Ballet Etudes production of The Nutcracker...First year she was a darling Snowbaby...then became a gray mouse where she was able to showcase her comedic prowless as well as her shasay (dont know spelling..sorry...but you know what I mean..ballet business) and the following year she made it, in her words "big time" with the role of the WHITE MOUSE and this year ladies and gents Miss. Bella Arnold has landed 2 roles..ROSEBUD and SHEPARDRESS...YEAH BELLA!!!!  Can't belive it's already been a seems like just yesterday when I was just waddling backstage doing all the mice makeup! Here we go again...Let's Do This!!!!

I can't wait...there is nothing better than getting all dressed up...and going to the theater to watch Bella perform during the Christmas's one of my loves during Christmas Time!!!!!!

I wanna send out a hello to one of my readers...who I'm happy follows this blog during her coffee moment every morning...Emilie Lairson who is who I often refer to as one of my idols.  She is one of the kindest and most thoughtful ladies I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Along with my students...she is one of the big reasons why I loved my job as an ABA Therapist...and one reason I also miss my job...she was inspiring to work alongside!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The laundry is done...

It has been so wonderful embracing being a stay at home mommy...I love the aroma of coffee in the morning...the swishing of the washing machine around noon...Matt Lauer's voice in the background while I make the kids pancakes for breakfast...and running errands when the stores are empty.  Not one day goes back where I am not grateful to my darling Jamas for working hard everyday for our family. And respecting and aknowleding the hard work it takes to be mommy aid placer..aka...problem solver...aka..homework helper...aka...hug giver...aka...tear wiper.

But one thing is for sure....thanks to my new help....the whites have never looked so bright! :)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Obsesso City

One of my new obsessions are missions...they are so pretty and chalk filled with history....I want to live in a mission...I want to wake up every morning to the sounds of bells chiming or whatever bells do...I want to roll around with Mr. Delicious Fatty baby in their gardens every day!  

It's funny that we visited the mission and then 3 days later Mr. Jamas got on 1 knee..very inspiring I guess! :)  But ironically it is serving for the inspiration to our quaint lil wedding that I am putting together in 6 weeks...thats right ladies and gents...6 weeks...but I'm not stressing...this will be: Little, Loved, and Meaningful!
 Mr. & Mrs. Dork
Mr. Handsome

 Lil Miss. Wonderful
Grandpa Awesome and Mister Fatty

 in the Garden

 Makes me so happy!
Hope he always looks at me this way!

God Bless...have a cozy Tuesday evening!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I remember...

It was September 11, 2001...I was very very pregnant with my sweet Lil Bella Bear and she kept me tired so this particular moring I indulged that Johnny was still fast asleep and I decided to do the same.  In my sleep I could hear the faint sound of the phone ringing but I ignored it...I heard it again...and again...and on the third attempt of someone obviously trying to wake me up...I waddled out of bed still half asleep and answered the phone only to be greeted by the FRANTIC voice of my Grandma calling all the way from Costa Rica...she said "Are you everything okay there"?  I answered back  "yes...everything is great...why?"  She replied "turn on your tv"....just then what I saw bright as the sun was the image of the plane going into the 2nd tower...right at that very second that I turned the tv on....that image paired with Matt Lauer and Katie Couric's voices.  All I could mutter to my grandma was that I was okay...and that I would call her back later.  I remember having no words....and just crying all morning long watching this horrific historical event unfold infront of the entire world.  The 2 planes...then the pentagon...then Pennsylvania...the predictions of what or where would be next....what part of our nation would erupt into flames...which cities, states, attractions were in the evil blueprint which had so methodically been mapped out for who knows how long.  To say it was a sad and somber day is a huge understatement...It seemed as if the entire world hibernated for plans...the stores were empty...the laughs were silenced...the plans were cancelled.  We as an entire nation were greiving together and healing together...and praying for the lost together...and BEAMING with pride for the heros together.  I will never forget that morning...I remember feeling every emotion sad for the victims, horrified for the unknown, stressed for the changes, relieved to have my Lil Johnny in my arms, fearful of welcoming our baby girl in a world so plauged by hate, and amazed that in such defeat...there was so much bravery, loyalty, and promise.

God Bless every Fire fighter, police officer, paramedic, father, mother, child, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, stranger, friend who lost their life, risked their life, and saved lives on this day.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

A lil bit of Ireland, a lil bit of Costa Rica: I survived the first day of school...and only need...

A lil bit of Ireland, a lil bit of Costa Rica: I survived the first day of school...and only need...: The rush of the morning...the sound of their hot cocoa brewing...the clang of their waffles snapping up in their warm yummy goodness...the ...

I survived the first day of school...and only needed 1 kleenex...

The rush of the morning...the sound of their hot cocoa brewing...the clang of their waffles snapping up in their warm yummy goodness...the sight of Bella rushing in and out of her room making some last minute  fashion tweeks to her carefully planned outfit...peeking into Johnny's room to watch him so dilegintly make his bed and tidy up his room..and at the 7:30 mark jummping in that car to drop Johnny off to 8th grade and then walking over to drop Bella Bear to 5th...everything clicked right back into routine..morningrun with the bambino and all...but then...I got home...and I didn't hear the sound of spongebob in the background...and I didn't hear Bella's cute voice requesting some fresh pancakes..and I didn't hear Johnny ask what the plan for the day was...and I didn't see the 3 of them playing together in their room..just then it hit me..SCHOOL IS BACK..SUMMER IS OVER...and I cried like a baby...but...I only had to use 1 kleenex.

I love you Johnny and Bella...Mateo and I will miss you so much from 7:30 til 2:30 everyday!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Letting the HAPPY cat out of the bag.....

Growing up every girl dreams of finding the one man that would love them no matter them for who they are...what they them on their beautiful days...and never finding those "ugly" days we all claim to have...sending chills down their spine with every kiss, whether it's on the beach..or in the middle of the line at Trader Joe's..or waiting for the red light to turn green. I wanted a man who would love my angry jokes (atleast some of them) love for trust in hope for happiness in the most despair filled days...I wanted that man to find me....and he did.  He found me and he got me right away...he knew that I loved movies so he took me to the theater...he knew that I loved ballons so he filled our room up on my birthday morning...he knew that I live for my kids so he fell in love with them and loved them more than I could ever imagine...he knows I want to feel safe so he makes his soul purpose in life to do just that and protect all of us...he knew that I love being a mom so together we made our family grow...he knew that I love sushi so he banned it for himself when I couldn't have it during pregnancy...he knew that all I wanted in life was to be loved he found me and he does...and he knew that I have an intense...intense...crazy...unhealthy obsession with on this Tuesday, September 6, 2011..this man, my Jamas got on one knee and with the 3 kids watching from afar asked me to marry him and be his for the rest of his life...and he did it with a PUMPKIN RING!!!!!!!!!!!!  I Love him...he makes me happy...and...I am honored to say that today I am James Patrick Bryan's fiance.

James Patrick Bryan & Maria Marta Serrano will be married THIS October 22, 2011...Happily Ever After!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I have a secret...but I cant tell yet....I want to..maybe tomorrow...

I love this man...he makes me very happy...he did something very special yesterday...but I can't tell yet...maybe tomorrow....I love you my sweet Jamas!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

End of Summer...I hate this title!

It is here... the night I have been dreading all summer was the last night I got to tuck in the big kids and kiss them and know we could snuggle first thing in the morning.  Tommorrow will be Bella's the last time Bella can sneak into bed with us and Johnny can wake Mateo up with his kisses...BECAUSE come Wed. morning that DARN alarm clock will be waking us all up!!!!!!  I will miss our lazy days...our fun adventures...our summer list...our 8pm dinners...our weekday movie nights!  But...on the bright side...while they do homework I will sit beside them to help....while she goes to ballet class I will sit outside and watch...while he practices Chinese I will listen in awe....while they walk toward me as I pick them up from school I will savor the look on their eyes and the smiles on their faces when they see Mateo and I pick them up.  And as much as I love our summer vacation together...I do love snuggling them in our Fallish goodness that October I pray for a healthy and happy school year for my wonderful 8th grader and enchanting 5th grader. And to the love of my life Jamas I am so grateful for your love that fuels me to be the best mommy and love that I could ever be...and to my sweet Mateo, I look forward to our fun beach runs and doggy walks together, and being home to teach you your ABC's and 1-2-3's....and to Big John..we have done good..we were blessed with some awesome kids that I truely enjoy sharing with you!  Cheers to the necessary evil I call the School Year!

We did pretty good on our Summer List 2011....
We celebrated....

We bowled...
We rolled around on some sandy beaches...
We splashed around in Lil Corona...
We bapatised our bambino....
 We watched Johnny perform...
 We celebrated Johnny becoming a teenager...
 We enjoyed the San Diego Zoo...
 We vacationed in San Diego with Grandma and Grandpa Ward...
 We got Johnny braces...
 We gave Mateo his first BIG bubble bath....
 We relaxed at the ButterflyHouse...
 We enjoyed a baseball game....
 We fell in love with Tim Burton....
 We squished this babies cheeks a lot...
 We enjoyed the Mission Tour led by our Bella Bear...
 We had Grandma and Grandpa Ward visit...and Grandpa Bryan also visited us a couple times..and even came to visit to finish the summer off with lots of fun and quality time!  We saw...
 Bella dance
Mateo crawl
Johnny jam

So here it is...the (almost) completed Summer List...we did pretty good...just a couple things we didnt get to...but we always have the fall.

Goodbye Summer was a very wonderful and memorable one.