Mavens With Moustaches

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Letting the HAPPY cat out of the bag.....

Growing up every girl dreams of finding the one man that would love them no matter them for who they are...what they them on their beautiful days...and never finding those "ugly" days we all claim to have...sending chills down their spine with every kiss, whether it's on the beach..or in the middle of the line at Trader Joe's..or waiting for the red light to turn green. I wanted a man who would love my angry jokes (atleast some of them) love for trust in hope for happiness in the most despair filled days...I wanted that man to find me....and he did.  He found me and he got me right away...he knew that I loved movies so he took me to the theater...he knew that I loved ballons so he filled our room up on my birthday morning...he knew that I live for my kids so he fell in love with them and loved them more than I could ever imagine...he knows I want to feel safe so he makes his soul purpose in life to do just that and protect all of us...he knew that I love being a mom so together we made our family grow...he knew that I love sushi so he banned it for himself when I couldn't have it during pregnancy...he knew that all I wanted in life was to be loved he found me and he does...and he knew that I have an intense...intense...crazy...unhealthy obsession with on this Tuesday, September 6, 2011..this man, my Jamas got on one knee and with the 3 kids watching from afar asked me to marry him and be his for the rest of his life...and he did it with a PUMPKIN RING!!!!!!!!!!!!  I Love him...he makes me happy...and...I am honored to say that today I am James Patrick Bryan's fiance.

James Patrick Bryan & Maria Marta Serrano will be married THIS October 22, 2011...Happily Ever After!


  1. Congratulations. Loved how you wrote this post, totally got a feel for what you two share. May God bless you both and your marriage.

  2. You guys are amazing, congrats!!!!!! So much love for all of you xoxoxoxoxo