Mavens With Moustaches

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our One Month Old Blueberry

It hurts
a lot
my heart is full with happiness & heavy with sadness
our lil blueberry is 1 month
Time just really does whiz by
He is still my lil newborn
still has that newborn baby smell
still has that newborn lil coo while he sleeps.

But I see his BABY STAGE comin''s there just ready to weigh heavy on my heart...

It's ok..for as much as I will be sad to see my lil'est blueberry grow sure is fun to watch.

Life with Cruz is so beautifully natural and's as if he has always been a part of us..and now none of us can even remember what life before Cruz was like...(well I sometimes can...and it's usually in the middle of the night when everyone is sleeping...and I am awake breastfeeding and changing poops...and wishing boobs were removable so that daddies can wake up for a feeding!) :) ... Just's actually not bad at all.

Cruz is:
Quickly transitioning into his 0-3 month clothes
Filling out his size 1 diapers very well
Eating like a mad man
and my favorite...cooing like a lil bird (?) :)

Can't wait for every second of our lives together my sweet Cruz.....I love you now and forever!


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Talking Gibberish over a splendid cup of milk/joe...

This lil darling/rascal just turned 21 months and he is making me laugh more than EVER!!!!  He is talking upa storm...a nice list of words....but as you will soon watch...he loves his gibberish...and when mama is home alone with her 2 babies...well....WHEN IN ROME...right?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I remember when my baby CRUZ bump started emerging early this year people would call me CRAZY...and BRAVE to be having another so soon...I actually had one lady recall her days years back when her 2 boys were babies and very close in age...she told me she spent may days crying///she loved being a mom...but it was hard to have them so close and she CRIED.  This all was very reassuring to me (insert sarcasm) and made me look forward to the moment to where I would be left alone for the first whole day with a 20 month old and a newborn...GOOD TIMES!  That day/test finally arrived last week and I was ready...BRING IT ON MATEO AND CRUZ..BRING IT ON!

But...guess what...KNOCK ON WOOD...we have transitioned pretty well...established some great routines...and no one has ended up in the ER...pat on back!

Don't get me wrong...we have had our moments with a certain lil one (rhymes with SMATEO) this lil guy has bouts of jealousy when I nurse Cruz...and as all you breastfeeding mamas is often..and all day long!  But things have gotten better and the other day I caught Mateo putting one of his favorite animal toys in Cruz's this moment Mateo had accepted his new lil buddy...and realizes he is here to stay.

The lil guys are so good to be so easy going (most of the time) because being #3 and #4 means there are probably  very busy #1 and #2 and there is...Johnny is very busy with APA and has already been bumped a whole level...which is AWESOME..but means more time!  And Bella is very busy with several ballet classes this year..including her Musical theater and Demonstrating this year!  whew...o and did I mention they continue their busy but well worth it CCD classes...this year both big kids receive their first communion and Cruz will be baptised...WOOT WOOT PARTY IN CHURCH for the Bryan-Arnold Familia! :)

Some of the routines that have helped immensely are having everyone including mama..bathed, dressed, and fed all before we head out the door!  Impossible fete...NO....hard..a lil...needed...ABSOLUTELY!  I find that if mama is dressed make up and hair done and all..the day is happier and much more productive...I am sorry...and no offense...but I cannot and will not become a sweats wearing..dirty hair rockin'...cold coffee sipping...soap opera watching siree BOB!
Also, I have developed a teach task toy bin system that I have Mateo on...rotating bins for his independent playtime while I nurse and can have some quiet time with Cruz.  I can blog about this at a later time...because this is something DEF worth sharing...and helped out alot!
And finally, 1 day...yes 1 day before Cruz was born I along with all the kids, my father in law, and kids help designed and put together the cutest lil outdoor playroom that I will be sure to share with you all turned out sooooo cute...but most important it turned out to be a great space right in eye shot of wear I sit to nurse.

All in all...I will continue to knock on that grateful for a smooth transition...and expect some bumps in the road!



PS...sorry so absent around these woods....but mama has been super busy...and whenever I get 10 min to myself...I have been choosing Pumpkin Spice Lattes over understand right?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Last night I packed three lunches...

It happened
That dreaded eve finally arrived last night
It was the night before my Jamas went back to work
And let me tell you...I was hysterical.
Full blown depression mode hit me this morning..but it didn't stick around for long..because as much as I love and am going to miss him around in the mornings...I am so blessed he comes home to me everyday!

I love you my sweet have shown me what a gentleman is..what support feels like..and you have made me a more determined, brave, and excited person.
Be careful though you make having 4 kids feel way too thing we know it...five will sneak in!


Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our Blueberry has been picked

Dear Cruz,
You are here...and you are everything we prayed for and more.  God blessed us and delivered you with health..and for that I am most grateful.  You are look so much like both of your have got your Latin looks like Johnny and the face of Mateo.  You have gifted me the privilege of being your mommy...and you are making it so easy already...we had such a nice time and stay at the hospital...every night I couldn't sleep..and not because YOU kept me up...but because i couldn't bare to close my eyes and miss looking at you..and listen to your breathing.  Thanks to your daddy's surprise of beautiful candles we snuggled every night with the perfect lighting and listened to music.  

Having you and your older siblings have made me fall even in deeper love with your daddy...he is an amazing father and husband and I can't wait for you to realize how funny and fun this crazy guy you will call your daddy is!

Your oldest brother Johnny beams with pride to have you and smiles from ear to ear to see how much you really do look like him...he prayed so much for it...God listened.

Your one and only sister has already proven to be your second mommy and is amazing at it...the greatest part is when you are in her arms you two lock eyes and you don't look makes Bella giggle and so happy.

And....your rascally brother Mateo...has surprised us all...we thought he would be RED with jealousy...but he has proven to be quite gentle and sweet with you..the craziest thing he has attempted id to rip off your umbilical cord stump...he is so curious about it...and every time I change your diaper he stares at it.

So now we are Cruz have made us complete.  We are in our home and everyone and everything has fallen into place like you have been with us forever.

Thank you God for blessing us so deeply.

Cruz's mom

A huge hug for the sweet visitors we had during our week long stay..Grandpa Bryan, Grandma and Grandma Ward, Aunt Shelly, Lizeth, Cristina, Allie, Sandra & Wesley.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


He is here!  Finally my heart is complete...and Mr. Cruz was the missing puzzle.  I cannot articulate how happy and blessed I feel to have him...and how grateful I am that he is a healthy and happy lil boy.  I have so much to share about my last week...but tonight I just wanted to simply introduce you to my youngest lil man...My Cruz.

Me, Cruz' Mommmy