Mavens With Moustaches

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

When I close my eyes and remember..#1

I'm trying something new today....I am a hopeless romantic...probably a lil too much some would say...but I am that silly woman that plays out scences in my head over and over again...I can remember what everyone wore, what everyone said, the way Jamas' colonge hypnotized me...or Bella's curls perfectly fell that day...or Johnny's smile brought a smile to my face...or how Mateo's breathing sounded that very moment...I can remember every lil detail of our wonderful days...but I can barely remember what I had for breakfast this morning.  I often browse our old pictures and remenise on all our great memories and now find myself thinking..."OOO that would have made a great blog pic!" I thought we would do kind of a FLASHBACK day every now and then....sound cool...are you ready? we go!
 This picture was the very moment...exact moment that we told the kids that we were having a baby!!!
 They kept saying....REALLY....REALLY? and then they started jumping up and down suggesting names.....
 Bella screamed.."I'm going to finally be a Big Sister!!!!!"
 Johnny was so sweet...walked over to me...(and I swear) kissed my tummy...
 This was me the morning of the day we found out we were pregnant...we were on one of our hikes...intense hikes that are usually a breeze for me....
 This stretch of trail would normally be a breeze...running it no problem....but...a lil tougher for some reason?????
 James has to slow down a smidge for me.....and all I could talk about was a craving....
 This should have been the tell tale sign...I NEVER eat sweets..but this day I needed a Sprinkels had to be SPRINKLES...I was RABID....and so 9 months later....
We had this lil munchkin!

God Bless

Monday, June 27, 2011

I laughed so hard I cried....weekend edition

Sniff...Sniff...It's Monday morning and our Jamas is back to the grind...always hard to let him go especially because we always have such great weekend together.  And..this weekend was no true Bryan-Arnold fashion it was a super busy weekend for all of us...but we got through it with ease and fun.

Bella Bear's crazy rehearsal schedule came to an end this weekend with the arrival of her 4 shows on Cal State Long Beach's stage.....and it was amazing.  Worth all the hard work!  She NEVER complains how many hours rehearsals are...or all the waiting backstage.  She is SERIOUSLY a natural STAR...she has always been comfortable performing infront of anyone.  Since she was baking in my belly she was a lil performer...often amazing everyone with cntorting my belly in the strangest we know she was twirling and posing in her different positions while in my tummy! :)  Bella was in the It's a small world number twice on Saturday she did so amazing I was crying like a baby...ofcourse.  OOOO and here is a FUNNY sidesplitting moment...just before the show started the lady incharge approached us and asked if we would like for Mateo to make his first stage appearance...she wanted us to walk on stage in the first number acting like tourists visiting Disneyland....I said ofcourse and sent Jamas and Mateo on their merry way (I was NOT ging to do thanks) so they went of and made their acting debut...I laughrd so hard I thought I would be kicked funny!!!!  Bella was so happy to share backstage with Jamas and her baby brother even if just for a moment.  Congrats Bella Bear another stellar performance!!!!

We also attended Mateo's future wifes B-day party...Bella Love Gomez...isn't that the cutest name ever...with that name she has to be famous..

 Bella's mom is the founder of Made with Love Cupcakes and let me tell you....redunkulous delicious..and these cake pops are amazing...look!!!!!
Saturday night...waiting for their close up...

We also had a very nice Sunday down in Oldtown Orange where we had a mini photoshoot with Mateo and his Godparents Cassandra and Wesley.  We got AMAZING pictures of them...and to get them I was literally jumping up and down dancing  doing it all to get the MONEY SHOT...and I DID!!!!  These pics were taken by Jamas behind me shooting them with Sandra's amazing camera...hence Mateo looking the wrong way...I had to but a stop to that and then we got the shots...I cannot wait to share them with you all....and we will also be using them for the Baptisim invites.  I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!

 This wonderful corner in Orange is home to a new lil spot that many of my friends have told me about including The Fabu Christina over at The Yellow Whistle Blog...and my Food Guru Tony Ngyuen.  Bruixie...waffle sandwiches.

 Love the Fried Chicken Waffle Sandwich but I DEF had to share it with Jamas or then I would have ended up in the hospital for sure after eating this Big Dog!
 Mateo had his meal...his favorite..Avacados..
 I just had to share this amazing was in an old FABULOUS church...I could not believe how beautiful it was!!!!!
We ended the weekend very relaxing....No TV..or Computers...just us together...and the kids playing Battleship while Mateo rolled around was so cute...totally what life is about!

Happy Monday

Friday, June 24, 2011

Greatest Compliment ever....

Sure it's nice when people cmment on how cute your kids beautiful their eyes are...or smile.  But the best compliment I have ever been given was given to me today....the sweetest lil lady at the market commented how HAPPY my kids looked...and just as she said that Mateo flashed her one of his irresistable smiles.  So thanks to all who say they are cute....but oh boy honored to hear that people see the happiness in my kids hearts shine through!

Happy Friday

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Library Vs. Barnes N Noble

I have this obession with books....especially Children's books.  I actually have a HUGE goal in my life that I am to write and illustrate my very own children's book...someday...even if Im 90...just hopefully before I kick the bucket.  Anywho...this obession I speak of...well...let's just say walking into any building housing books either free or for a price sends tingles all through my body and pitter patters in my heart.  I love the smell of a or old.  I love the vibe in a library...quiet and full of knowledge.  Reading a book (or magazine :)) brings me calm.  And one of the greatest of many great memories that I know I already do and will forever hold in my mind and heart is simply climbing into bed with my kids and reading them their favorite books.  Or on a sick day running to the market to grab their medicines and ALWAYS return with a special book to read as well.  The books in our library are worn...not because they are old but because they are read over and over...I love to see the wrinkled pages or the messy fingerprints all over one  of their favorites.  Reminicing on the days that I read one book so often that the kids would memorize it and be able to recite it word for word...Johnny's was THE GIVING TREE...and Bella's was THE UGLY PUMPKIN.  So needless to say we frequent the library or Barnes N I ask which is better?  I have to say it is a tie for me...on one hand you have the old book smell that floods memories of my younger years :) and reading any book I could get my hands on....BUT on the other hand you have that fabulous air conditioned starbuck smelling yumminess when you walk into Barnes N Noble.  Either way...the kids and I enjoyed visiting both this week.  And 2 vanilla steamers, a chai latte, $16 paid in overdue books, 6 checked out books and a new book for each  bambino later....we had some happy campers and 1 semi-annoyed mommy ( $16 DOLLARS OVERDUE FEES).

 We have sat in this lil table reading so many times I'm surprised there isn't a nameplate with our names on it.
 Mommy's delicious Chai Latte....definite plus for Starbucks..
 Bella's choice...
 Mateo hanging out...
 Mommy's choice....
 Johnny's choice....

 Waking up at the library.....
 Handsome Johnny reading at the library....

Bella Bear grabbing any book whose spin was labeled HUMUROUS

 Johnny checking out the "teen section" due to the fact that he will be one in 1 month!!!!

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pretty Pretzels

We are having so much fun knocking things off our Summer List that we might just have to add some thing we did add yesterday was making Homemade Pretzels.  We went to the movies and Bella wanted some pretzel bites..but because I just CANNOT justify paying $7 for stale and tasteless pretzel bites...and not to mention unhealthy (Lord only knows what they bake into those things) I told Bella "sorry...but NO CAN DO"...and that we would make some at home after the movie.  And let me tell you....yummy city!!!!
So easy to quick....and so delicious!!!! A million times better than the over priced stale cousins we left behind at the concession stand to these fluffy salty beauties!
 These were literally the only ingredients needed...and some warm water!  Love it!
4 cups of flour...1 Tablespoon sugar....1 Tablespoon salt...1 package of yeast...1.5 cups of warm water...1 egg for eg wash and some kosher salt to top them off.  Mix it all up in a bowl...knead on a floured surface...have a blast pulling and forming whatever shape you desire...egg wash them...and then pop those suckas into the oven at 425 degrees for 15 minutes.  I am not simplfying is actually that easy!
The kids can easily whip these up themselves....but it is so much fun to get messy with my Bella while the girls did this....
The boys did this....snuggletime!

Bon Appetite!