Mavens With Moustaches

Friday, June 29, 2012

Slept through the first week of summer..

I read somewhere that if you are psuedo narcoleptic during your pregnancy it means your baby will be an amazing sleeper, very calm, healthy and gorgeous!
No really..I read this somewhere..
You think I made this up?
ok..maybe not all is entirely true..and by entirely..I mean none of it but let's just say they are strong hopes! 

The first week of summer is over...NOOOOOO..and I know I have pictures to prove to myself that it exsisted but I also think I slept through most of see, I think I am now narcoleptic..if i sit still for even a second I am gone!

I hosted what I meat to be a lil toddlers playdate...but it quickly turned into a full blown fiesta...but its ok..the kids enjoyed I was happy/

 Wow...a ladies man already!
 A lil lunch date with Lily...

Then on the weekend came the HURRICANE of Bella's recital performances..which included a nautical jazz/ballet piece...a ballet piece..and a couple of musical theater pieces that I am just going to admit to you..I WAS CRYING LIKE A FREAKING BABY IN THE AUDIENCE THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE PERFORMANCE...I am so inlove with this lil girl..everyday I look at her and CANNOT believe she is mine!!!!!
 PROUD Papa Bear
 VOLCANO BELLY makes another appearance...

I pray this kid will continue to do a lot of this...cuz the lil kid in the belly is making this mama super tired...and needing many of these as well!!!!
 The rest of the week..we have just been enjoying our home..and not having appointments and classes and places to be every other hour!
 We have been able to slow down (a lil bit) and stay in our pajamas a lil longer
 Escaping to the beauty that is the beach...
 Absorbing this amazing life that God has blessed me with..especially with this very special papa I love so much...
 Oh yeah...and guess what...CHEESE CLUB is back for it's second annual camp/performance..this year they have a few more of my favorites has to be that lil dumpling dancing his booty off..



Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hunger Strike

So by now you are all aware of my OBESSION with Chris seems this said obsession has rubbed off on my Mateo.  
Yesterday we were driving along the good ol 405 and Mateo slowly stared drifting into slumber land..when Chris Cornell's sensational voice started trickling in through those car speakers...and we went from having a slumber to a rage fest.
(I wasn't worries)




Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Mateo Bear Turns 18 months

It's a cliche for a reason..but my o my..."DOES TIME FLY BY!"

I literally CANNOT believe our Lil Mateo is 18's seems like just yesterday we were counting down to his birth..those 9 months seemed like FOREVER...we were so anxious to meet him and kiss him and welcome him into our lives...and now he is our MATEO BEAR!
He is so funny, silly, rascally, smart, intuitive, loving, did I mention FUNNY!
This kid has his brothers HUGE heart..his sisters loving personality...his Daddys amazing soul..and his mommys crazy energy!

He really has brought so much happiness into our lives..he is a true blessing..and not one day goes by where I don't look at him and think how worth it he worth the rockiest of roads...and the scariest of days we would have to face to get to where we are today..thank God!

Mateo continues to grow...learn..and laugh..
He is:
Eating like crazy..anything and everything..he has quite the refined palette and seems to appreciate abundant flavors in his meals.

Talking like CRAZY...mostly it's ALOT of gibberish but he also has a nice list of words..including duck, dada, balloon, duck, dragon, ella (for Bella), ohny (for Johnny), most recently he has tackled 3 syllables with DINOSAUR...and many other words as well. Huh? What's that you ask?  Is he saying Mama yet...ummmm...the answer to that would be a BIG FAT NO!!!  Is it because he can't sound out his MMMMM...NOPE...because this kid can mOOO better than a Jersey it because he wants be to cry..yes probably! ;)

Very active is this young chap we call Mateo...running and climbing everywhere..and keeping up with him is NO JOKE!

But my favorite thing about Mateo right now would have to be that when you ask him..."Where's the baby...where is Cruz"?...he runs over to my VOLCANO BELLY and points and kisses it!


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Our Blueberry...29 weeks.

Just as i's's sneaking into my heart...slowly overwhelming every inch of it..sadness.
The sadness that this will be the final time that i carry a lil bambino in my belly..the last time I slowly start to feel the flutters of their kicks...the last time we so proudly peg their name..the last time for soooo many first times.
I was afraid of this..i know myself...I know how much I live to be a mommy and to bring kids into this world is an honor bestowed upon me that I will always be most grateful for.
But I must be able to accept the sadness and move on to the utter excitement and anticipation that we are all feeling!!!!

I can't believe that today is the first day of summer..and THIS SUMMER is the summer we have been counting down to so we can meet our Mr. Cruz!

I will make sure to savor and enjoy every single last day I have with this cute lil bun in the oven..every kick and move...Oh Dear Cruz how much I already LOVE YOU!

Cruz' Mama

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

CRAZY WEEK & weekend roundup...Whew!

Holy Pumpkin Seeds...I am wiped out...but we must trek on...I will rest when...ummm..I dont know..I guess when someone finds me in the corner in a full blown fetal position...until then...bring on the next week baby!

Congrats to Our Bella Bear...and a huge CONGRATS to our 

Senorita Presidente received Principal's Acheivement..which means straight A's.
And Senor Juanito graduated with Honors..keeping himself on that list all his middle school stay!

Now we rest for just a couple of days..because Bella's June receitals are this weekend and her practices all week long...Holy Mary mother of Goodness..please grant me with the ability to function without sleep...that would be awesome!

 Papa Bear proudly preparing Johnny for the big day!
 Look at those two..they always walk this close to eachother...I Love them so much!
 Mateo did pretty good...I would love to say that it was a magic dinosaur in his hands that helped him maintain his good behavior throughout the ceremony...but it was actually The World's Greatest Daddy!
 Peek a boo...there he comes...I was crying at this point...ofcourse!
 So FREAKIN...that's right FREAKIN proud of him!!!!
 Proud Papa Bear

 God Bless the angel Karen at the front Desk..and Ms. Debritton the schools principal who reserved seats for all of us because of my enormous pregnant belly...we sat front and center...HOW SWEET ARE THEY!!!!!

 My Baby Boy...i mean the one towering over me..not the one in my belly...

 My sweet lil(big) family...
 Papa Bear had a great Father's Day..but right after the morning festivities..and I snapped this picture I literally collapsed and slept for what seemed 16 hours...when I woke up..all the kids were ready..Mateo bathed and dressed and the entire house gleaming clean..I felt so bad..but that is the kind of man he is..I love him..for many reasons..mostly because his OCD is probalby as bad as mine! hahahahaha

Let's get this summer on now...including some rest...and great anticipation for Mr. Cruz!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Feliz Dia de Los Padres

Because you snuggle them when they most need it..
Because you teach them what they need to know..
Because you spoil them only when it's ok to do so..
Because you chase him and roar like a crazy dinosaur in the middle of the store...
Because you rush home to jump in the pool with them..
Because you tell them when they are wrong..
Because you beam with pride with every lil and big accomplishment they acheive..
Because you are the exact man that I prayed for and wanted by my side through thick and thin.

We Love You
Happy Father's Day


Saturday, June 16, 2012

Something sweet for your ears this weekend!

That song you hear the first time and you want to scream at the top of your lungs because it is so CRAZY is my latest..I love you JAMAS...but Chris Cornell might own a smidge of my heart!

I do not endorse cheesy comic movies



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mother Teresa must have been my BFF

So I am thinking that in my past life I had to of done something Mother Teresa's Bff...because God had blessed me with some pretty spectacular kids!

In the past week very happily we have been kept very busy attending various awards assemblies for Johnny's school..including one this Monday where he won for Best Original song...he actually composed his own music for a short film that he and his buddies made for a history assingment.  He took it upon himself to go that extra "Johnny" mile and record his own music..pretty cool.  

Mateo has moved on to 3 syllables...with his new word "DINOSAUR"..yes...yes!

And we celebrate our sweet Bella Bear...who ran for president!!!  She delivered an awesome well articulated and sweet lil speech...rocking a fabulous lil striped blazer I might add..and a few hours later we got the GREAT NEWS...she won Class President of her school...what an awesome 6th year at Sequoia this will be for her. she is so happy and proud of herself..and it's actually really cute...because she really took being on Student Council this past year very seriously!
Truth be told...if I can ever imagine this country being run by a would DEF be by this Dancing Lil Butterfly we call BELLA BEAR!
Congrats my deserve it so much!

 She was the last to speak...and I could tell she was nervous..but she did GREAT!

 She put as much thought into her she did her speech..AFTERALL..she is the STYLE BANDIT'S Daughter! hehehehehe

 Mateo Congratulating his Nikko...whom he adores...and WON FOR VICE PRESIDENT!!!!!!
 Please ignore the slowly swelling moonpie I call my face right now!!!!!!
 Ummmmmm...I'm just gonna say it..John and I look a lot alike in this pic! hahahaha
 Afterschool Mateo RAN into Bella's arms greeting her with a bouquet of flowers..Proud Brother!

 The Power House BELLA AND NIKKO!!!
 Mrs. Principal...loving on her future student..and let's just come out and say this too...they look more related to each other than I do with's ok..I have come to grips with The Nanny assumptions!

 My lovely wanted to celebrate...nope...not with Ice Cream..she wanted sushi..and I just drooled and prayed for August to I can SHOVEL sushi into my piehole!


Mama to La Presidente