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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Weekend Roundup : jump and dump

This weekend started off with a peaceful and beautiful hike through the bolsa chica wetlands...the perfect place to take a lil hike or run with the kids. The weather was perfect and it's beauty kept me thinking GOSH WE ARE SO LUCKY TO LIVE HERE! 
We decorated...baked...and waited for the big kids to arrive and surprise them with a lil Easter party to celebrate the beginning of spring break.

The hunk and I were able to sneak away for a date night.
Saturday afternoon we took the kids to get air in hb and I can't believe how much they loved it! It was wall to wall trampolines...but my favorite part was that it was really clean! At $12 a person per hour Jamas and I both agreed biting worth every penny!
It was so fun to watch everyone jump...and burn energy!

White men can jump...see!
And Sunday the Bella bear and I set up my final pop up shop at long beach. I'm off to my next adventure with the style that won't take me away even for a second from my family.
It was another great weekend!


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