Mavens With Moustaches

Monday, January 20, 2014

Weekend's baaaaccck

On our last visit to the museum of natural history Cruz was still in my tummy and Mateo really liked dinosaurs but wasn't obsessed like genus today so I was sooooo excited to throw almost all the bunnies into the car and drive up to see some Dino's! Mateo floated through...on cloud nine! It was so fun to watch him and very impressive to hear him identify all the different species...even with just their bones. 

Great family trip...low cost...and if you are a teacher you get in free! 


Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mateos pajama party

Better late than never...right?

Last month we had a great lil celebration for our was a Christmas pajama party and it turned out just as I in visioned! 

We made a custom table to allow for forward facing seating and low enough for the toddler only guests. I also attached wooden stakes in order to hang some twinkles and a festive birthday sign. 

Wrapped in butcher paper I drew each table setting with each guests name and setting along with Santa hat.
I found these adorable red lil houses at target and I put battery operated candles inside them.
Projected mateos favorite movie...served a breakfast for dinner menu which included peanut butter pancakes...and French toast kabobs...and my mom made an amazing Spanish tortilla. 
A special Christmas tree set up to put the kids favors under
A Mateo work of art...turned out so cute!
Snowflakes and Xmas washi tape helped display a small gallery of steps year in pictures.
The kids sat and loved it!!!

Everyone wore pajamas..
And Alita made Mateo the perfect animal cake!

Blew out the candles to a perfect celebration!

Aunt Evelyn arrived a lil late...but brought this guy along and Mateo fell in love!