Mavens With Moustaches

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Our Lil Blueberry...22 weeks

Holy...BIG BABY BUMP...I know..I am HUMODEOUS!!!!!!  I swear there is only one in there!  But it's ok...I will continue to waddle everywhere I go with pride and beaming with this "so called" pregnancy glow...and I will continue to SHOVE and STUFF myself in the most chic outfits this PREGGO can throw together!

                  Moving and Shaking in the Belly
Looking really cute and chubby faced in his sonograms
Making mama crave lots of fruit..which is kinda a bummer..because we are still between seasons and the fruit is neither yeah or yuck!
I am now really trying to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy because it is FLYING by...and I wanna cry at just the thought of not having another lil blueberry in my belly!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Three's Company

Here it is...the lil ones room!
I am really happy with the way this came out..especially because we had so many had to be:
for 2 lil boys and 1 very girly girl
I had to keep the same wall color..because this preggers mama was NOT going to paint sir
it had to be cheerful
it had to be safe
and there still had to be enough room for the kids to pay in there..
and happily I can say we acheived it all...I think.
And..I couldn't have done it without my amazing partner in Jamas.

This will be Cruz' spot
Here is Mateo's bed...I wanted some artwork on that big wall but was afraid of the Big One finally hitting California and it falling and squishing my instead I made this nifty piece that I found on..what else..PINTEREST.  Nails, twine, pencil, and patience is all you need.



This big animal print right over yonder..right side of picture..was the same exact one that hung in James' nursery 30 years ago!

The new shelf I bought white but quickly painted Candy Apple red houses mostly Bella Bear's stuff..notice the Ipod dock is up high..away from wondering lil chubby Mateo hands! 

It was quite the challenge to find coordinating bedding that wouldn't be to boyish or girlish...but I think this was a cool compromise!
The fish tank is still here..much to the kids happiness... 
I died over these curtains that took the place of the ugly mirrored closet doors that just had to go..and I made that banner for the entire room...and it really added the finito touch! 
This snazzy lil frame with chicken wire now houses all of Bella's earrings. 
Some vintage toys and such add some delightfulness to the space..dont cha think? 
Muno keeps Mateo's spot warm during the day..being tall and friendly as always.. 
 Ahhhhhhh...already have our Baby Boy Cruz' clothes hanging..I will Dreft wash it soon before he arrives.

 Their picture collage..picture of all my dumplings as babies..notice there are some missing..for a certain Mr. Cruz.  These frames are amazing..form Ikea..very lightweight so no problems if that said BIGONE hits...also..every single piece of furniture in this room is strapped down...monkeys can invade this room and we would be good...
 I wonder what Cruz will look like!? 

 Bella's spelling bee medal
 This is his tractor from Auntie Rachel in Nebraska

Thanks For Looking...Hope you liked it!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maria Stewart..Lazy Lasanga

I am obsessed with cooking every meal for the family...and on those days that I am just to tired or time gets away from me I have to be ready with sure fire EASY PEASY dishes I can slop together and still have them all asking for more.  This Lazy Lasanga receipe is crazy easy and just as yummy.

1 box of ziti noodles
1 cup of heavy cream
1 jar of your favorite Marinara sauce
Parmesean Cheese Galore
Mozorella Cheese Galore
1 pound of lean ground beef
1 cup of finely diced onions
1 T of italian seasonings

All you do is prepare the noodles as directed...while those cook brown the meat and drain fat...then adding the seasonings and diced onion and entire jar of sauce..simmer and add the heavy cream for a thicker and creamier consistency...when that is all finito layer the noodles..then the meat sauce...and then create an EXPLOSION of both cheeses...pop in the oven for 20 min at a 350 degree oven...and there you go...EASY right?  And really yummy...this fed the entire family..I even used the Baby Bullet to puree some for fatty #3 and he gobbled it up...AND I even had enough for my mans lunch the next day!

Bon Appetite!


Monday, April 23, 2012

Weekend Roundup...I need a nap edition

ok...I will admit the impossible...I'm getting tired quicker now...this baby Cruz is wearing to be very heavy on this mommys belly...and I have to rest more often now..and my rest I mean fall into a coma like sleep...After a busy but beautiful week filled with our Bella Bears Ballet Mulan recitals..we really did take it easy..and layed LOW...and the family didn't even have to strap me down..I stayed down on my own.  We napped, tended to our quick gowing garden...and attended Lil Allie's first birthday.  Perfect lil weekend


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Why Blog?

So why do I blog?
My 1 year Blogging anniversary is right around the corner so I pondered this question..
The main reason..obviously is to keep our family who all live away..scattered around the world updated with the our crazy lives..
The other day I found myself surfing through my lil blog..and reading every entry...looking at every picture...and I became so happy..inspired...and grateful that I started doing this..I am so very ecsatic that I have been blessed with this crazy, happy, fun life and have all these amazing crazy people to share it with.  When I started surfing the blog world..there are some blogs I just fell inlove with..I now have a much shorter list of blogs I follow..and they all have 1 thing in common..their love for life and family. I found myself straying from the blogs that started looking like a crazy billboard rather than a nice lil blog. I don't want to know about your new coach bag or your fancy vacation..I want to hear about your life as a mommy..the good, the bad, and the beautiful.  So with that said I wanted to share just a couple of my FAVORTITE BLOGS EVER!!!!
So check them out...Iam sure you will fall inlove as well!

So what I wanted to do is start some fun catergories in this blog..I love to cook and I will share more of the REAL LIFE recepies...for our REAL LIFE...easy, yummy, and healthy. Also, I LIVE for fashion and styling..and actutally have quite the knack of doing this on NOT a DIME...but PENNY thanks to my friend Christina and her suggestion I am going start visiting friends closets and styling them something NEW and FABULOUS ala use what they have and supplement with budget friendly additions. And lastly..I will continue with our crazy life and many, many more fun DIY's!

So any ladies OR gents out there interested in a revamping of their look...drop me an email and The Style Bandit will make a house call.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Roundup...I decided I married The Energizer Bunny Edition

I have always considered myself a very energetic person...which is good..because I am always up to something...and i like getting it done myself...but man o man did I strike the jackpot in my hot hubby..because he too is crazy energetic...and I must admit...I think he outlasted me this my defense..I AM PREGNANT!

 He whisked me off on a date on a rainy friday night..and i felt a lil guilty accepting because I had secretly planned for one that Sunday as I just went with the flow :)
 This lil guy slept through our entire dinner date and even stayed asleep once we got home..all night..CRAZY LUCKY for mama and dada and their US TIME! ;)
 This was the boys enjoying a lil concert at Bella Terra...Mateo was entranced...LITERALLY entranced...MARK MY WORDS...this kid is already as musical as his big brother!!!!
 Notice THE STYLE BANDIT's actually when I saw this...I leaped at it and ran to the register!!!

 Enjoying the music
 My amazing husband falling asleep with his bear watching Monster High...hahahahaha...
 Sandra and I went to the Antique Market...and OMG...
 I was tempted...but then I remembered the whole movie theater thing...
 Vintage bandaids....yuck but cool at the same time!!!
 Vintage photographer...

 Big Boob mannequin...really...
 I love you Globe...

 My surprise date....
 Delicious Arnold Palmer...

 Building a sandbox from scratch....
 I can't even tell you HOW EXPENSIVE sand is...OMG...and how many bags are needed!!! holy cow!


Thank you to my amazing husband!!!!!!