Mavens With Moustaches

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Golden Boy....the 13th edition

It was a perfectly Johnny day...I asked him what he wanted to do..and all he wanted was to spend a quiet day together.  All he wanted was to spend time with his brothers and sister. All all we did was just that. 
Pancake Birthday Breakfast...a trip to the library where Johnny checked out a billion old metal CDs...Bella a big fat book...Mateo a large animal picture book...and cruz pooped his joke...a huge go back to the car right away and change kind of poopy diaper.

Picked up a pizza and the kids came home to enjoy it on a blanket in their backyard...their favorite place.

This year you have:
Become a high school and did it with confidence ..respect...and joy
Performed numerous performances with the APA program and as I knew you would proved to your instructors that you are a gem
Became a big brother again...and this time to your mini me
Still have braces
Grew taller than your papa bear

We love you


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Our Blueberry...11months here we are....marking Cruz's 11 months...11 blessed months! Happiness does not properly convey what this lil dimple but cheeked bambino has brought to us...he is everything we ever prayed for and so much more. I honestly do not let a day go by where I don't thank God for blessing me with all four of my babies...for their happiness...laughter...but most important their health. I have never questioned...not even when I was a 20 year old mama that I was without a doubt...born to be a mommy!

This month Cruz has:
Started pointing
Clapping and celebrating everything
Talking more..not only blabber..but actual
Walking with a cruising toy
Fighting over toys
Eating everything...especially fine cheeses!


Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mavens With Moustaches

Hi Friends...the following is a fun and exciting venture I have developed in the hopes that I will get some new and old friends to join me..."The Style Bandit" in a fun and unique evening that I have designed to FIRST...have FUN...and SECOND..STYLE YOU UP!!!  I am setting up a fun and beautiful trunk show that will feature the new STYLE BANDIT fall line that will without a doubt inject funk and flair into your wardrobe!  I hope you will join me and embrace the gorgeous Maven inside all of you!!!


Doll yourself up in your cutest attire and join THE STYLE BANDIT for a fun evening of cocktails, treats, and FANTASTIC FASHION.  Tickets are now available for this unique event to enjoy a night to shop, socialize, and style your wardrobe up!

The Style Bandit will be offering a night to preview and shop the new fall line.  The evening will provide you with a $25 gift card to spend on whatever your stylish hearts desire.  Bring your outfits that need a little re-vamping....and let the Style Bandit loose.  Enjoy a new and SASSY you!  

August 16th 2013
The Style Bandit Abode
$25 a ticket

*Bring as many outfits with you as you would like.
*Cocktails, refreshments, and treats will be served
*Pair your frock with a moustache and enjoy a surprise gift.
*Payment button available on the blog home page.
*After payment address of event will be emailed to you.

Viente Nueve / Cinquenta Dos

One portrait of each every week for one year.

Johnny/ lounging
Bella/ skipping
Mateo/ hoarding
Cruz/ spying


Friday, July 19, 2013

Catching up!

Hi friends....forgive my absence...but we (as always) have been super busy! Along with our daily fun summer activities we recently found out our Bella being pre pointe ballerina means summer course as well...and Johnny has several gigs coming up so the rehearsals have been non stop and so has my posse!  So far we have been having an amazing summer...but I want to roll up in a ball when I realize how fast it's flying by! This month we have non stop events including a certain old lady having another birthday!!!!! And my oldest turning 15!!!!! I'm already planning both Johnny and Cruz's parties...omg! And I am gearing up to return to my art shows. So that's just a lil Corner of my chaos! But a beautiful chaos! I have a super fun event being planned with The Style Bandit and I will share with you all this week. Te moment I catch up with all this i will return to blogging and sharing some awesome recipes and fun kiddy crafting and adventures with the littles! 

Stay tuned


Viente Ocho/ Cinquenta Dos

A portrait of each child...once a week...for an entire year.

Johnny/ favorite past time
Bella/ eyeball
Mateo/ fighting crime
Cruz/ taking the old tractor for a ride


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Viente Siete / Cinquenta dos

One portrait of each of my children once a week for one year.

Johnny/ sandy
Bella/ sandy
Mateo/ sandy
Cruz /sandy 


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Viente Seis/ Cinquenta Dos


One portrait of each child...once a week...for one year.

Johnny/ prehistoric
Isabella/ finally celebrating
Mateo/ diggin
Cruz/ tooth cutting