Mavens With Moustaches

Friday, May 31, 2013

Vicente Uno/ Cinquenta Dos

One picture of each child once a week for one year

Johnny/ shaved
Bella/ smiled
Mateo/ hide
Cruz/ crawled


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend roundup....from scratch

We visited my old office just checking in and letting them know I will return to my 4hour work week in July!!!! So excited to debut my many many new items I will be offering....and my revamped booth!
Btw....Mateo loves to visit my old office...haha!
This lil boy I am convinced will be a zookeeper or a vet someday!
My good friend Sheila and her family joined us and we enjoyed some ah-mazing snow ones
The boys enjoyed the beautiful weather....Cruz got his major splash on....
And the greatest sister on earth was front row....
That night my hubs and I made Cadillac margaritas from scratch...(just a sip for me...still nursing a whole bunch!) but let me tell you they were much better than the mix!!!!
Johnny and his band jammed and Mateo crashed the party with his head banging skills!!!!
Sunday morning we attended the patchwork show in Santa Ana and it was so inspiring....I cannot wait to return as a vendor once again....I thought about it but couldn't bring myself to leave Cruz for that hopefully in the fall I will be able to.

My favorite booth was that of oh hello many cuuuuutttttteeee items....the owner Danni is the cutest bitty thing and she is the proud owner of her own shop now in downtown Fullerton....I have been there and it is adorable!

James goat his food truck on!
And so did the kids.....
And I enjoyed my baby filled day with my one and only....

Margaritas from scratch...why yes....but also a big whopping batch of triple chip choc cookies..ll
We went on a hike ...beautiful....Yes! Painful.....evenmore!!!' I fell and skinned my knees something fierce but it was too beautiful not to continue!!!! far we have margaritas...cookies...ah yes....we needed pizza from scratch...yum!!!
And this rolling bunny turned 9 months old! FFFFRRRREEEEZZZZZZZEEEEE TIME!
And nothing says three day weekend like a hunk working on our home....

Hope you had a very Happy Memorial Day...and you remembered that its not about burgers and ribs...but about the brave men and women that have fought and continue to fight for our freedom!
Now...get to work Cruz!!!'m


Monday, May 27, 2013

Our 9 month blueberry

Where in the world did this past month go???? I can't believe we are up to 9 months already!!!! This month has been both a joy filled and heart wrenching month. It's the month where my sweet baby boy went from being in my arms....being carried all around....and now he is a mobile Cruz-ing machine....literally.....we is everywhere....and really quick! 
I have to remind myself that he will always be my lil baby....even when he is taller than me and shaving just as Johnny does. Because our babies have to grow up in the worlds eyes.....but never in ours. I will forever have the image of them in my arms deeply burrowed in my heart...and their scent never goes away.

Cruz is now:
Pulling himself up
Taking steps
Talking a lot
Reaching for us
Eating all veggies and fruits
Playing independently
Playing with his Mateo very well

Slow Down Cruz
I love you


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Viente / Cinquenta Dos

One portrait of each one of my children...once a week...for one year.

Johnny/ praised
Isabella/ thrifting
Mateo/ sneaking
Cruz/ creeping


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekend Roundup....Mateo is a condor

We are at the calm before the ballet recital storm....soon her two rehearsal weekend will quickly turn to alllllll we took advantage and ran over to visit Mateos animal buddies....
And yes....totally worth driving to LA to see this smile when he first catches a glimpse of his amazing elephants!
Cruz is so aware and is really starting to enjoy all of our adventures.... It's so fun to watch!
One of the best parts of the LA Zoo is the GORGEOUS beautiful...all different...not one repeated animal....amazing....Mateo was in the zebra mood...he took a minute to decide....but that's what he chose. 
We found this lil guy enjoying a cone on a beautiful sunny day....
And happened....Mateo became a condor...
We rushed back to pick Bella up from ballet and relaxed for the rest of the day...kinda..
Well...some of us relaxed....

Cruz decided he would take his walker for a stroll....
And my Jamas bbq for us ....picnicking with my family is my newest obsession...enjoying our backyard with a new crawling baby climbing on us is the best....

Swimming everywhere...sun playing....picnic idea of heaven!


If you want to enjoy a nice easy and inexpensive day....I highly recommend the LA Zoo on a Saturday morning...the museum right in front of the zoo hosts a farmers market and food trucks every sat morning so before we entered the zoo we took a stroll down there ate some fruits..fed the boys some fresh avocados and then walked over to the zoo.  Another highlight is everyday at 11am they bathe and feed the elephants so it is a must to arrive by then.  We have annual passed which is worth every penny....the entire family only 120.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Diez y nueve/ cinqueta dos

One picture of each of my children once a week for one year

Johnny/ on stage
Isabella/ on sand
Mateo/ undressed
Cruz/ unhappy


Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weekend Roundup....mama day edition

To say I love being a mom is a crazy understatement....I love everything about it...the good...the bad...and the crazy!

Our weekend was jam packed as always...filled with the love and gratitude I feel all year long.

The nor cal Bryan's came to visit us and the kids had a blast with their cousins and I was somhappymto spend time with Jen.....she is the loveliest..sweetest...and most fun gals I know...I hate that we live so far away from each other!!!
Sam and Mateo buds for life....
Bella bear was the queen Bee....
Friday night was HBHS talent show...Johnny and his buddy Mike killed it on stage. Johnny loves APA but is unable to show his metal chops through this was his chance to let the metal out...and he did....they performed SLAYERS RAINING BLOOD...

I'm pretty sure James is Johnny's biggest fan...

Or Mateo.....he is always mezmerized by him on stage.....
My boys.....Bella was at ballet....
Baby Maria and baby James....
With all the heat there were lots of baths....

We had a fabulous deep dish pizza picnic on Mother's Day eve and I was in heaven...
In the morning in was greeted by this hair tastic posse...

And my sweet Hamas bought me the best gift ever.....
My only request was that we all go on a bike ride on the beach...and it was perfect....

We made a lil pit stop...
Where I surprised them with a picnic on the sand....

And when we came home...I had a chance to go get a pedi to fix my hobbit feet....but I just couldn't leave them!

Bella being my lil star put a special Mother's Day talent show on...she and Mateo had a dance was so cute!!!!

I looooovvveeee Johnny's he donned a banana suit and made me laugh!!!!!

Like I said this wonderful family of mine spoils me everyday....but it meant a lot to me with all the special plans they had laid out for me!!!

I can't believe they belong to me!