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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Things that make my heart go pitter patter....part tres

SI...muy bueno on the Pitter patter front this week....
This picture of the five of us.....sure the sun is setting on our faces and we are all squinting...but we are together, happy, and complete.

Can I get an Amen!

This ADORABLE duo....

This enchanting cup of JOE!

These two adorable cowgirls....great job on your Gold Rush Performance Girls!

This exquisite Jelly shoe from Miss. Westwood...

This Handsome Hunk....muah......

This FUNNY cake...I love Angry Birds!

And I am also PITTER PATTER for all the fun lil touches we have made around this abode we call was a LOONNGGG weekend...and we made the very best of it...I will share the story and pictures with you manana!

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Brave

Today we honor those BRAVE men and women who serve our country...they are to be loved, respected, and honored.  And, although I don't agree with the choices our past "leaders" have made...I don't want to dwell on that today...but instead celebrate these amazing men and women who in the blink of an eye run to serve their country and protect all of our freedom and, me, millions of strangers whom they fight and die for.  Thank You.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Never say Never...or...No Creo En El Jamas

Many of you who know me...know that a couple of years ago I got a tattoo emblazoned on my reads...No Creo En El Jamas.  Which in translation is kinda like NEVER say NEVER...its means that I don't believe in the impossible...That nothing can NOT be acheived.  It is also the title of a Juanes song that is about that struggle of a man clinging to life and perservering through it with the support of his family and his faith in says that when you feel at your lowest you put your undying love and faith in God and you will get through anything.  It was kinda unbeliveable the way I first heard this song..I was on my way to donate and it came on...I had just for a brief second left the hospital where my dad lay in a coma. I started immediatley crying like crazy hearing these beautiful words booming out of the radio speakers...I still get tingles when I listen to this song and how much it related to my life at that very second. Right then I decided that these words belonged forever on my arm for me to remember that very moment that would change me forever... So that is how my tattoo came to be...but the irony lies in how much truer these words would continue to play in my life for the rest of that year.  Never say never I say....because those of you who say Never...might just get some surprises.  I have heard..."I would NEVER do this...or I would NEVER do that"  So many women I have heard say "I would NEVER get a divorce...NEVER...we have a perfect marriage" when infact maybe their heart secretly aches a little everytime they make this extreme declaration.  "Are you CRAZY..she says...I would NEVER have more kids."....and freinds tell eachother "I would NEVER leave your side." Well...the truth is no one should ever say never.....because that never might just become your right now.

  I married my best friend in 2000...and yes I know...I know...marrying your best friend should be a good thing...infact....a great thing.  However, this best friend of mine was literally my best friend....sure I LOVED him...I still DO....infact I love him today the very same way I did on that January afternoon I walked down that beautiful aisle wearing that Beautiful dress and witnessed by all our loved ones.  But was destined that we would be AMAZING parents together and not the loves of each others lives.  I was not that woman that said NEVER to divorce....but I said ALWAYS for doing and following the path that was paved for me.  I didn't ponder that NEVER...I definitly did NOT ponder that "Oh my God...what will people think?"  or "I'm scared"....what I did do was give myself what I pray my kids will do for themselves ALWAYS and that is to EMBRACE HAPPINESS...whatever way, shape or form....Dear Lord I pray my kids will be as happy in their lives as they are today...blessed with 3 parents that love them intensly and unconditionally.

So this "motto" of mine has sure lead me down an interesting road.....I found him....the love of my life...and he not only found me...but he found us all.

I promise to live...I promise to love...I promise to laugh...and I promise to NEVER say NEVER.

*PLEASE.....take a moment to read and absorb every single word.....hopefully it will move you to tattoo it on yourself as well.....OR NOT?

I don't believe in 'never'

When life hits me and gets me down
is when I feel the most the need to rise up
that facing the fear is a way to defeat it
I won't give up, I won't give my life to fear
fear is a murderer who kills the feelings
everytime I am alone is because God is here, inside
And I need silence to be able to find
my own voice and my truth
And at the and of darkness
I don't feel alone, I know you are with me
Today I'll rise and I won't resign my heart
to do what I wanted but I wasn't able to
I won't accept today, I will try to be better
life has a solution, there's nothing impossible
I don't believe in "never"!
If giving up is a way of dying
then I never want to please death
I think about my family, my heart beats stronger
One can't live thinking about the day he'll die
and they say that dreaming is like dreaming while being alive
And I believe in the present, and that is getting me away from death
And I need silence to be able to find
my own voice and my truth
And at the and of darkness
I don't feel alone, I know you are with me
Today I'll rise and I won't resign my heart
to do what I wanted but I wasn't able to
I won't accept today, I will try to be better
life has a solution, there's nothing impossible
I don't believe in "never"!

Cuando la vida me da golpes y me manda para el suelo
es cuando yo mas siento que tengo que levantarme
que dar la cara al miedo, es una forma de vencerlo
no voy a darme por vencido, no voy a darle mi vida el miedo
el miedo es un asesino que mata los sentimientos
siempre que estoy solo, es porque dios esta aqui adentro
Y necesito silecio para poder encontrar
mi propia vos y mi verdad....
Y al final de la oscuridad
no me siento solo, se que estas conmigo
Hoy voy a levantarme y no voy a resignar mi corazon
hacer lo que quice y no pude
No lo voy a aceptar hoy, voy a buscar estar mejor
la vida tiene solucion, aqui no hay nada imposible
no creo en el jamas.... no! (X2)
Si darse por vencido es una forma de morir,
entonces yo jamas quiero darle el gusto a la muerte
Pienso en mi familia, el corazon late mas fuerte
Que no se puede vivir pensando en cuando se va a morir
y dicen que sonar es tanto como sonar estando vivo
Yo creo en el presente y eso me aleja de la muerte
Y necesito silecio para poder encontrar
mi propia vos y mi verdad....
Y al final de la oscuridad
no me siento solo, se que estas conmigo
Hoy voy a levantarme y no voy a resignar mi corazon
hacer lo que quice y no pude
No lo voy a aceptar hoy, voy a buscar estar mejor
la vida tiene solucion, aqui no hay nada imposible
no creo en el jamas.... no!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

I wouldn't dream of could you even suggest such a thing!

A few days ago I was doing as I usually do right around 5:30pm...which is...making sure the house is sparkling clean...something is cooking in the's are is playing in the background...the kids are clean...and most important I have freshened my makeup, spritz a lil of his favorite perfume, and let my hair down.  Why you ask?  Call me Old Fashioned but I feel when you have a FABULOUS and HARD WORKING MAN in your should greet him in this way...everyday! BUT...and this is a HUGE..HUMONGOUS...GINORMOUS BUT....only if that same man does not expect it OR not appriciate it every single day...which my JAMAS certainly does.  So everyday the doorknob turns at 5:45pm and Jamas walks in...I make sure and transport myself to June Cleaver status (and truth be told...I LOVE IT!!!) ...everyday he walks in and will whisper a sweet nothing in my ear...and tell me how beautiful I look..( takes my breath away everytime)!  But...the other day...he gave me his usual "check out" thats right..I got it like that" :)...and he stopped at my shoes...stared for a second...and said "OOOO babe..we gotta get you a new pair of shoes"!  WHAT! "I WOULDN"T DREAM OF IT....HOW COULD YOU EVEN SUGGEST SUCH A THING?" You see ladies and gents...I was wearing my 15 year old favorite pair of converse sneakers....the very sneakers that have styled my feet through the happiest and UNHAPPIEST of times in my 32 years of life.  These very sneakers were the ones I would wear when I was pregnant with all 3 of my babies....the same ones Bella stuck Monster Inc stickers on when she was 2...the same ones I wore when I was married to my first hubby/friend and later endured a long and roller coaster emotion filled divorce with....the same ones I wore when I raced to the hospital when I got the call that my father had suffered a horrific accident which left him in a coma for months...the same pair I wore at that hospital at his bedside with my mom and sister....the same pair I wore when I met the LOVE of my LIFE....the same pair I was wearing when after 9 years I found out that I would be a mommy once again to our sweet Mateo....and the same pair I plan to give to Bella once her feet finally fit into my "journal of life I call shoes".  So my sweet Jamas....I love you dearly...but the shoes are staying!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oprah...I love you

Eventhough I am an admitted addict to all those horrible and thrashy celebrity magazines like Us Weekly...I DONT get it when people go BANANAS over these people we call "celebrities". I could be walking down the street and literally bump into Brad Pitt and it wouldn't be a big deal to me.....BUT....and this is a huge BUT.....if I EVER....EVER.....EVER...bumped into Oprah Winfrey...I would lose my mind.  I love and have so much respect for this woman (yes I am aware I don't actually know her).  And I'm not rying to be cliche or cheesy when I say that if we all lived and learned from this FABULOUS woman...this world WOULD be a better place.  Dear the last day of your show I bid you a fond 3 o'clocks will never be the same again!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My heart is going pitter patter for...part dos

I find inspiration in the craziest things....from a little pebble on the a big fabulous fluffy gown on the pages of Vogue (oh who am I kidding I don't look at's from the pages of Us Weekly) either way I love to wake up and be inspired...especially from the 4 loves of my life...and here are some current things that are just doing it for me.....
This inspires me to paint my room....

This inspires me to start planning Mateo's 1st Birthday Party...eventhough its still 7 months away....

This inspires me to give the kids a really fun breakfast this weekend...

This inspires me to try new things with my hair....

This actually inspired me to paint Bella and Mateo's room...which we did this weekend (pictures coming soon)....

This inspires me to daydream about my favorite month of the year...and the exciting things that can happen that month....

This inspires me to host Bella's end of school year pool movie party....fuunnn....

This inspires me to make it very clear to my Faux Hubby that I DO NOT like receiving gifts for my birthday...but I will make an exception for this...and maybe some Toms.hehehehehe..

And...Finally...this lil face inspires me to pray and hope that God blesses us with 1 more bambino to complete our FAMILIA!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Our 5 month Old Bunny...Mateo

I cannot believe how fast time is whipping you are 5 months old and even though its flown also feels like you have been a part of our lives for much longer....FOR ALWAYS!  The moment you made your entrance into this world you fit in like the missing puzzle piece into our hearts...we love you our sweet and HAPPY MATEO.
You are now:
Rolling over both ways like a CRAZY MAN!!!
Putting anything you can get your drooly hands on in your mouth
Smiling and laughing at everything
Lighting up whenever one of us walks into the room
Following Bear around with your love your Bear...and he loves you.
Sitting up on your own for longer periods of time
And...Today...sadly..we will be introducing you to Rice Cereal...but remember Mama still gives you 98% of your nutrition.

Can't wait to see what this month holds!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Future full of VIP passes and clipping Rolling Stones articles

I was nineteen when God decided to bless me with my lil musical prodigy...sure i was scared and thought to myself ...."oops"..but i knew right then and there that someone special was growing inside life changed more spontaneous mani more late nights (well baby-less late nights) more daydreaming about joining the peacecorp traveling the world and never looking back...instead I had to familiarize myself with diaper genies...breastpumps..the best binky on the market..and what stroller would work best.  Since Johnny was in my tummy he was his ultrasound he moved his lil arms like he was strumming a guitar...he literally sang before he spoke..he fell asleep to music everynight....and when he started music classes he absored the music the way a dry sponge absorbs was amazing to watch and enjoy.  I have enjoyed watching you grow as a musician...mastering every instrument you take on.  I have also enjoyed becoming "Johnny's mom...the kid with the perfect pitch"...dont mind that label...I never really liked my name anyway!  So congratulations Johnny on being the rocker that you are and rocking the stuffing out of the Battle of the Bands last make me so very proud.

And matter what age...I will be squeezing my behind into a flashy pair of pleather pants....yeah thats right...pleather....and rock out to my baby boy!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

My heart is going pitter patter for...

At this very moment... on this very day my heart goes pitter patter for so much I have to say.

This amazing bookcase....

This googly-eyed pumpkin...

This sandwich that I have decided to re-create for Bella's lunch...

This darlings fresh new haircut...

OH DEAR LORD...these adorable Tom Shoes for Mateo...I want some to..Dear Faux birthday is coming up!

Watching my Faux Hubby Jamas run home with Mateo in tow....
Mateo falling asleep in the morning on my run...and in the evening on Daddy's run...
This inspiring wall....
And this ROCKER....God has blessed you with a musical gift....and God has blessed me with you.