Mavens With Moustaches

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Houndog has left the building...Thanksgiving Edition.

I just cannot believe how quickly this past year FLEW was just 1 year ago that I was as big as a house..and loving it! I remember barely getting my apron around my waist last year...and this year our lil muffin was playing in the kitchen with a mountain of tupperware while we prepared Thanksgiving Dinner.  We were so happy and blessed to have our Grandpa Houndog visiting us once again for the long weekend and it was so much fun.  He loves his son so much and you can just see how happy he is everytime he arrives to visit ALL of us.  We had a busy but FUN weekend..perfect Turkey dinner...amazing visit to the zoo where we all enjoyed Mateo reacting so vividly to all the animals...esp. the MEERKATS...The Houndog also got to attend one of Johnny's shows and one of Bella's receitals where it actually SNOWED on us!  He got to see his lil Mateo roll around in the sand again...and spend lots of quality time with all of us.  We will miss you Houndog but ...o will be back in 3 short weeks for Mateo's FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!!!!!!
Thanksgiving Dinner

Johnny prepped

Dad carved

The twins waited

Enjoying theBEAUTIFUL Socal Sun

Grandpa Houndog

Celebrating Bella's performance 

Our Bella Bear

amazed with all the xmas goodiness

Brother Love

Our Ballerina

I am so THANKFUL for being blessed with such a happy, healthy, and amazing family.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Our 11 month old bunny...Mateo

Give me a moment while I wipe my heart s both happy and sad.  My lil Mateo is almost 1 and although I am excited and proud and soooooo very grateful that God blessed us with another HEALTHY, HAPPY and FUNNY lil's also kinda sad he is growing up so fast!

A lot of teeth

standing on his "own"

First Gymboree class

Carved first pumpkin

Mommy and Daddy got married

I was their ring bearer

It was a HUGE month for our Mateo...both personally and milestone-ally...haha...this month Mateo:
STARTED cute!!!!! (i think he has daddys moves..ehehee)
Talking up a STORM..saying dada, mama, bear (bea), fish (ish)
He is pointing
waving Hi and Bye to everyone he locks eyes with.
Standing on his own for bits at a time
EATING everything
Biting EVERYTHING (and by everything I mean me...totally me...with his 6 HUGE teeth)
We have discovered all of his tickle spots
He has fallen in love with balloons and globes...and pumpkins..just like mama

WE are so head over heels in love...I CANNOT imagine my life without this kid...he brings us all just soooo much happiness...we love you our sweet lil owl!


Friday, November 18, 2011

My filipino sister...My Dolores

I have known Dolores for YEARS...I have been blessed to have the Virgo family in my life for a long time and they are simply just one of the most genuine and amazing family I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  Dolores is married to an awesome MANNY PAQUIOA loving guy named yoyo and they have 3 wonderful and respectful boys who is one of Johnny's best friends....(and a fourth grader who just won the ENTIRE SPELLING BEE AT SEQUOIA)!!!!

Dolores is a kind, very giving and a wonderful mother.  Her friendship to me proved to be strong and genuine...because through all of my rough years and my at times rocky divorce...Dolores maintained her loyalty and friendship to me...she didnt judge me..she just loved me...and my kids..and James...and I will never forget that!  And one of the many things I love about her is her love for God...and the importance she makes of her relationship with God for her entire family..she inspires me to love God stronger more everyday.

We spent a great evening this past weekend with The Virgo clan watching the Paquoia fight was great..and the best part...was all the yummy food she made...SO THANK GOODNESS that what I brought over to share was a favorite for all of the Virgos...My SPINICH ARTICHOKE I would love to dedicate this blog entry to Dolores...and ofcourse I have to share this sinfully yummy receipe!!!!!

In a bowl throw in the following ingredients
2 cups of Parmesean Cheese
12 oz thawed chopped spinich
1can of chopped up artichoke hearts
2/3 cups of sour cream
1 T minced Garlic
1/3 cup of mayo
8 oz of cream cheese

Mix it all up and bake at 350 degrees for 45 min.
Serve warm with tortilla chips and swoon over the yumminess
Bon Appetite Virgos...we love you all!


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sexiest Man Alive

Today PEOPLE MAGAZINE announced this years sexiest man was was Bradley Cooper...but to me it was this hunky BIRTHDAY my dear Jamas on this day where you turn THIRTY I annoint you MY SEXIEST MAN ALIVE.....I love you...and you are so much freakin fun!!!!!!  I love everything about are CRAZY! ;)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Isabella's Christmas Wish

Tis the season to give…this is something we look forward to every year. This is the 5th year where our own Isabella has solely planned and executed her own toy drive to benefit the children at The Catholic Worker in Santa Ana. Every year not only does she collect toys to donate..but she asks Santa for a huge bag of toys for them (and that is all she asks for). To say we are proud of her is a huge understatement and this year I want to help her collect the most she ever has…so here is our plan. Please join us for an evening of Christmas Cookie Swapping at our home…we will have The Style Bandit Boutique set up which 100% of it’s sales will benefit Bella’s Toy Drive!!!!! Also, the winning cookie recipe will be awarded a $30 gift certificate to be spent with The Style Bandit!!
Do not miss out on a chance to buy some UNIQUE..
STYLISH…and CUTE items for the gals on your Christmas list, and at the same time help out a WONDERFUL lil girl with a dream to help many kids this season!
WHEN: Friday, DECEMBER 2, 2011
WHERE: The Bryan-Arnold Abode
13541 Springdale Street
TIME: 3:30pm til 7:30pm
(winner of recipe must be submitted by 6pm to be considered for prize)
Please bring your own container to bring cookies home with
You are also welcomed to bring a toy to donate and receive a raffle ticket to enter for a surprise gift.

Monday, November 14, 2011

LILYPADS numero uno

This week...our favorite was this by TARGET...leggings from Target...Military jacket THRIFTED(mommys)...and the feathery lovely piece is from THE STYLE BANDIT.

Same headpiece she wore to the wedding

Tango first thing in the morning with her love.

10 years ago I gave birth to one of the most stylish babinas EVER...she loooovveess lil Coco Chanel.

Since I can remember I have been obsessed with fashion...everything about it...head to toe...I cannot look at a person without checking out their style and ok...I admit...sometimes I give them lil makeovers in my head. :) Don't get me wrong...I love how different people different their style and taste...what is beautiful to me..I am sure can be horrific to others...all I am saying is I loved playing with Barbies as a kid...and i guess my makeover daydreaming is kinda my way of still playing dress up with barbies....Except...wait...I still play with lil Barbie..a lil stylish..sassy one named Bella...the only bummer is this one occasionally argues with my vision and refuses to wear the exact outfit I invision...Bella always has her say...and mostly her way...WHEN IT COMES TO CLOTHES...let's get that straight.. :).

With that said... I would love to introduce way of sharing kids fashion with you all...through the closet of the most STYLISH...BELLA ROSE!


Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterens Day

Bella and I decided to bake a lil something special for one of Jamas co-workers..a retired Marine named Carl.

Bella made the sweetest card for him..loved it so much!
she wrote
     Brings Peace
               Really courageous
                 And risks their lives
          Very thoughtful
                     Young childrens heros
I can't imagine the bravery you must muster up inside you..not just to be deployed..but to leave your family for an undetermined amount of time.  But yet..many many Americans do just and women..mommy and daddys.  So to all of you we salute you today..tomorrow and always!


Monday, November 7, 2011

I will never forget it...not one second.

I have decided and come to the conclusion that I just cannot properly articulate how beautiful, magical, meaniful, and true our wedding day was.  It was small and perfect...I will remember EVERY grain of sand on that small patch of beach we took up on that beautiful Fall Afternoon where we stood together surrounded by our family to finally say...I DO.  I will remember every word Jamas whispered in my ear, every kiss he planted on my lips...I will remember how blue his eyes looked..and how huge his smile was.  I will remember the look on Johnny's face when he saw me for the first time and wide eyed he told me how beautiful I looked...I will remember Bella telling me I am the greatest mommy in the world and how happy she was that I was marrying her Papa Bear...I will remember Mateo crawling all over the sand and literally rolling around with Grandma on the sand.  I will remember the sniffling sounds of my sweet Sandra's nose running from crying during the entire ceremony...I will remember My sister Michelle's amazing words she wrote that made our marriage official...she took our breath away.  I will remember all of Wesley's hard work and the smile on his face.... I will remember Jordan's hard work to make my day easier...I will remember Cortney's presence and how much it meant to both of us...and I will remember embracing all 3 of my new in-laws and feeling the genuine love and happiness they had to call me daughter and welcome me into their family.

Thank you to all of you who seriously gave Jamas and I the perfect day that we will never...EVER forget.

We love you

Friday, November 4, 2011

Smile from ear to ear...

This video will never get old to me...everytime..I mean EVERYTIME I watch this I cry, smile, tingle, and miss working with my amazing students.

This past year becoming a stay at home mommy again has been the greatest gift..I can't imagine working when my lil fatboy was at home...BUT...I do miss my students..and all of their quirks!
I know the parents of children with autisum have traveled ver hard and emotional roads...and I have nothing but respect and admiration for their strength.  And with that said...I see such beauty in autisum..I see kids who love without conditions...I see passion like no other...I see happiness without neccesity.

Dear Students...I love and miss you everyday...and will hurry back to you all soon when my babies start school.  I pray that your teachers work hard and find the inspiration in you and see the potential in you,

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Perfect October...The Round Up

Our Hippie chic

Great photo ops...but not the greatest pumpkin patch

My baby boys

Pumpkin Fever



My Love

Icky Face...first feel of pumpkin mush

Loved it

Our Family Pic..The monkey and his lifetime supply of banana, Lil Red, Hunky Vampire, and a Crazy Gypsy

Trying to sneak the loot

Our Bella turned 10!!!!!

It was amazing...the beautiful month of's over...but it didn't leave us without leaving some everlasting..magical, yes MAGICAL...wonderful memories.



The month was amazing...I am so happy, at peace, and humbled to know I have only amazing people surrounding me that love me now and forever.
I am so grateful for every single blessing in my life!