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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend round up....I'm back again edition!

Back to our weekend roundup where I can reminisce on of fun filled pack of days with all my kids and hubby and where I can hopefully give you all some ideas for family fun trips.

We started off as we often do with all four kids sharing pizza on a picnic in the backyard...before we shuttle Bella over to ballet.

Not before our rascal scared us with a lil crafting of his blonde locks during craft time.
Saturday morning after we dropped Bella of at her musical theater rehearsal and Johnny at his band rehearsal we took advantage of taking the lil ones to a trip the bigs ones maybe wouldn't enjoy as much.
The Huntington botanical gardens and library in Pasadena.
The kids were free but adults are 23 each!
The kids garden was cute....but  I felt but could have been much better!
It was however a breath taking day.
The boys loved it.
The garden house was adorable
Lots of running 

A lil mama break
Daddy break
And after a long nap...jacuZzi time...
Sunday morning we visited the long beach antique market aka my Shangrila!!!!
Such a cool place...more like a museum!

And a certain lil someone got a lil treat...
Beautiful beads...

And what better way to wrap the weekend up then with a beach trip.

The Huntington gardens were beautiful bit on my mama scale of 1 to 5 I give it a 2. A lil to pricey for not a lot of oooos and ahhhhhs. But...I love taking the kids to new places and appreciate the beauty around us.


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