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Friday, January 6, 2012

Galinda and Gigi

Thanks to our Gigi we were spoiled and treated to an amzing day which included WICKED the Musical.
I can't find the was too amazing...too great...too inspiring...too emotional...left me in awe!

I had heard it was amazing...and I thought it might be to hyped wasn't..not for one second.  And, don't get me wrong the musical was breath-taking...but the best part was to watch it alongside my Bella Bear and to share it with Grandma Gigi.

You see our Bella has proven to be QUITE THE singer...and I'm not saying...sing...I'm saying she can SANG!!!!!!  The same confidence I have knowing that Johnny will one day grace a sold out show at one of the great stages...I KNOW without a doubt our Bella will one day grace the Broadway stage!  I know...I know...Moms have to say that...but I swear to all the is holy....she can SANG!!!!

It seriously was an honor and overwhelming emotional experience to watch Bella's eyes just gleam with happiness, dreams, inspiration, drive, sheer DESIRE to one day be on that stage.  I am getting choked up even writing about it because I see it...the same desire I had when I was her age....she has it...and I will die fostering it.  Bella is blessed with a gift...and she is blessed with 3 parents that support and foster this inside her...she has a family that loves her...she has a Grandma Gigi who flies down to take her to the show for her birthday...she has a daddy who never misses her shows...she has a papa bear who beams with pride..and she has her mama that will drive her, watch her, make her up, snuggle her up, wish her luck everyday of her life!  

One thing I will always be grateful to Big Jogn for was that he was the first person in my life (actually 2nd...the first was my high school choir teacher who "heard through the grapevine that I could sing") but John was the first person to tell me that I could sing and that as harsh as it sounded...was a sad reality that my talent truely was never fostered...BUT...that's path is different and God has blessed me with some fantastically talented but more important sweet and gold hearted kids.  
So to all 4 of my kiddos..I love you...the world either is or will soon be your stage...and GO BREAK A LEG!


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