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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

NYE kiddo style

I know its 361 days away...but I thought I would share the fun way we celebrated NYE this year with the kids...and maybe all you mommys and daddys could try it out next year....or you can even do a more grown up version with your crazy friends...

We started at 8pm..each kiddo received a surprise it 1 treat and 1 task....that you HAVE TO COMPLETE in order to get the treat.

Mark and fill the bags with whatever you would like...

Our first ones had 1 soda for each kid and a post it with an order...Johnny's was to imitate each family memeber because he is soooooo darn funny at this!!!!!

The next has a favorite snack of theirs and asking them to tell us their funniest or most embarrasing moment of 2011...they had some good ones...

The third was by far my favorite...a lemon wedge they had to suck...and then Johnny had to dance like Britney Spears and Bella like James Hetfield!!!!!!

The last was filled with snappers..noise makers...confetti bombs...and a time capsule questionare...

The kids really loved it...and counted down each hour with anticipation....





We the lit fireworks and ended the night with some bubbly...and by bubbly I mean sparkling was great fun...hope you like it!


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