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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Hot Air Balloon Party

Last month we celebrated our Lil Mateo's FIRST was a perfect day...the weather (in my opinion) was perfect because there was a perfect light dusting of drizzle...the same as the very day he was born.  We designed the party around what Mateo LOVES which are BALLOONS and we made it a Hot Air Balloon Party...Around The World for Our Mateo Bear!  Both Grandpa Doug and Grandma GIGI flew in just that morning to help celebrate this day...they are so amazing and full of love for all of our kids.  We had our amazing friends join us and Mateo was a happy boy!

I wish we could have these all the time...there were over 100 balloons out there!

Breezy streamers

Aunt Shelly


Loving his Aunt Shelly

Godmommy made the Hot Air Balloon Cake Pops

I made 3 cakes..a rainbow one for the guests..Chocolate Peanut Butter for the guests.AND....

The favor bags were filled with Cookies from AROUND THE WORLD...and were accented with these super cute vintage Hot Air Balloon tags

Jourdy LOVED the HUGE bouncer

Grandma Gigi

The banner of pictures that told a photographic journey of our bunnies first year..

Loves his daddy!

Lunch is served

Don't blink...because this was the only picture of me captured...I was running around too much!


Sweet Allie...she was checking Mateo out all day...and Mateo was lookin back! :)

Fry Cones

The day couldn't have gone more perfect....I thank everyone who helped was our family of friends who came together not just to celebrate Mateo...but to help make the day great.  EVERYONE wanted to help..Dolores, Nancy, Alyssa were my kitchen buddies....but the man that saved my day...and was so cute in the kitchen I could cry..was...GODDADDY WES...thank you so much! xoxo And Godmommy being the shutterbug she always is!  I love all of you guys!


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