Mavens With Moustaches

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Rad Randomness

Between getting sick and ALWAYS being so busy...this pregnancy sure is flying by...Johnny is busy with his music...Bella with her ballet....Jamas tackling projects at home...and me chasing the lil owl around everywhere.  I NEED A VACATION!

Bella scored some delicious Strawberries at the market and we inhaled them!

Mateo inhaled a soft serve cone


Mateo sees a cow now and says...MMMMMMM

My hardworking honey...buying supplies for our  Spring Backyard Makeover

Our Bella taking Mateo for a stroll..


Bear got a spa day...and was so happy to see us pick him up he was runnig all over me in the car...and drooling over me...yuck!

Thanks to mommys cravings Mateo is entering into uncharted territory...BROWNIES!


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