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Monday, March 19, 2012

My Baby Boy Johnny...AKA..ROCK GOD

Name: Johnny
Height: Super Tall
Heart: Full of Gold
Brain: Gifted
Soul: Full of music
Fact: The greatest Son and Brother we could have ever been blessed with

From the Belly...this kid has shown me...from his sonograms he was a performer...when he was born he was the sweetest lil baby EVER...never cried, LOVED to be snuggled and sung to, and LIVED for the music I played him.  Big John and I really never led his path to music...we follwed his to the dream.  We followed his desires and nutured what we knew he had inside him.
We were blessed with many great teachers in his life...and one HORRIBLE one!  We were faced with always standing by our son and knowing that just because some teachers wanted to SHOVE him in a cookie cutter box..not only would he NEVER fit in one...we didn't want him to fit in it!  We have had a saint of a teacher in Kindergarted assure us that she KNEW...SHE KNEW Johnny would one day be something exceptional..she actually told us that Johnny had the type of mind that would one day cure cancer. :)  And we also had a HORRID teacher that fought is every single passion, creative and beautiful part of his mind and soul. She was everything that is wrong with teachers today...BUT...what it proved to us and to Johnny is that he could shine on in both great and horrible enviornments. But as his mom...I prayed for one day Johnny to find that perfect enviornment...and FRIDAY NIGHT we got the word..and it happened...JOHNNY WAS ACCEPTED IN THE PERFORMING ARTS HIGH SCHOOL of Huntington Beach...and we FINALLY found his perfect lil crazy crooked whimsical box!!!!  So to his past teachers I thank you for all the good, the bad...and the exceptional...and to his futre professors...I thank you...and am so excited for his BEAUTIFUL MIND AND SOUL to FINALLY be appreceitaed by his teachers!!!!!!  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are so proud!  Hundreds auditioned and only a handful were accepted...WOW!

And for me it's been a long and sometimes bumpy road but I maintained my strength in 1 thing no matter what or no matter who...and that is I will always fight for my babies...I know them best above anyone...and I will always be their #1 advocate and supporter!

Congratulations my sweet deserve this!

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