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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Our Blueberry has been picked

Dear Cruz,
You are here...and you are everything we prayed for and more.  God blessed us and delivered you with health..and for that I am most grateful.  You are look so much like both of your have got your Latin looks like Johnny and the face of Mateo.  You have gifted me the privilege of being your mommy...and you are making it so easy already...we had such a nice time and stay at the hospital...every night I couldn't sleep..and not because YOU kept me up...but because i couldn't bare to close my eyes and miss looking at you..and listen to your breathing.  Thanks to your daddy's surprise of beautiful candles we snuggled every night with the perfect lighting and listened to music.  

Having you and your older siblings have made me fall even in deeper love with your daddy...he is an amazing father and husband and I can't wait for you to realize how funny and fun this crazy guy you will call your daddy is!

Your oldest brother Johnny beams with pride to have you and smiles from ear to ear to see how much you really do look like him...he prayed so much for it...God listened.

Your one and only sister has already proven to be your second mommy and is amazing at it...the greatest part is when you are in her arms you two lock eyes and you don't look makes Bella giggle and so happy.

And....your rascally brother Mateo...has surprised us all...we thought he would be RED with jealousy...but he has proven to be quite gentle and sweet with you..the craziest thing he has attempted id to rip off your umbilical cord stump...he is so curious about it...and every time I change your diaper he stares at it.

So now we are Cruz have made us complete.  We are in our home and everyone and everything has fallen into place like you have been with us forever.

Thank you God for blessing us so deeply.

Cruz's mom

A huge hug for the sweet visitors we had during our week long stay..Grandpa Bryan, Grandma and Grandma Ward, Aunt Shelly, Lizeth, Cristina, Allie, Sandra & Wesley.

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