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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I remember when my baby CRUZ bump started emerging early this year people would call me CRAZY...and BRAVE to be having another so soon...I actually had one lady recall her days years back when her 2 boys were babies and very close in age...she told me she spent may days crying///she loved being a mom...but it was hard to have them so close and she CRIED.  This all was very reassuring to me (insert sarcasm) and made me look forward to the moment to where I would be left alone for the first whole day with a 20 month old and a newborn...GOOD TIMES!  That day/test finally arrived last week and I was ready...BRING IT ON MATEO AND CRUZ..BRING IT ON!

But...guess what...KNOCK ON WOOD...we have transitioned pretty well...established some great routines...and no one has ended up in the ER...pat on back!

Don't get me wrong...we have had our moments with a certain lil one (rhymes with SMATEO) this lil guy has bouts of jealousy when I nurse Cruz...and as all you breastfeeding mamas is often..and all day long!  But things have gotten better and the other day I caught Mateo putting one of his favorite animal toys in Cruz's this moment Mateo had accepted his new lil buddy...and realizes he is here to stay.

The lil guys are so good to be so easy going (most of the time) because being #3 and #4 means there are probably  very busy #1 and #2 and there is...Johnny is very busy with APA and has already been bumped a whole level...which is AWESOME..but means more time!  And Bella is very busy with several ballet classes this year..including her Musical theater and Demonstrating this year!  whew...o and did I mention they continue their busy but well worth it CCD classes...this year both big kids receive their first communion and Cruz will be baptised...WOOT WOOT PARTY IN CHURCH for the Bryan-Arnold Familia! :)

Some of the routines that have helped immensely are having everyone including mama..bathed, dressed, and fed all before we head out the door!  Impossible fete...NO....hard..a lil...needed...ABSOLUTELY!  I find that if mama is dressed make up and hair done and all..the day is happier and much more productive...I am sorry...and no offense...but I cannot and will not become a sweats wearing..dirty hair rockin'...cold coffee sipping...soap opera watching siree BOB!
Also, I have developed a teach task toy bin system that I have Mateo on...rotating bins for his independent playtime while I nurse and can have some quiet time with Cruz.  I can blog about this at a later time...because this is something DEF worth sharing...and helped out alot!
And finally, 1 day...yes 1 day before Cruz was born I along with all the kids, my father in law, and kids help designed and put together the cutest lil outdoor playroom that I will be sure to share with you all turned out sooooo cute...but most important it turned out to be a great space right in eye shot of wear I sit to nurse.

All in all...I will continue to knock on that grateful for a smooth transition...and expect some bumps in the road!



PS...sorry so absent around these woods....but mama has been super busy...and whenever I get 10 min to myself...I have been choosing Pumpkin Spice Lattes over understand right?

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