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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Pumpkin Tour 2012

Remember me..
it's Maria..the absent...pumpkin obsessed...newborn baby munchin latina.
Been really busy over here nursing a baby to his CHUBBIEST GLORY..and this is to blame for my lack of blabbing over here on my blog...not to mention my insanley redunkulous ADDICTION TO INSTAGRAM...oh my word...OBSESSED...but I will touch on that at another day and time.

Where was I...oh yes...CHUBBY GLORY...well yes been super busy being mommy to 4 and wifey to 1....but I can never to be to busy for a lil Pumpkin Ladies and Gentlemen...let Pumpkin Patch Tour 2012 commence.

Zoomar's Pumpkin Patch
October 6
nice fallish weather
moderate supply of pumpkins
cute collection of animals to feed and ride
REDUNKLOUS amount of money to be charged.
Overall a cute place..and the kids enjoyed themselves even the big hairy teenage rocker...and Mateo almost fainted of happiness at the sight of the huge dinosaur...BUT VISITOR BEWARE..this place is a RIP OFF...we left with 1 less c note in our wallet...and for those of you who don't know what a c note is...$100....CRAZY!

 I love me some sexy hubby holding a chubby toddler
 He actually loved his horse...this crying came when the horse stopped for a second..and he thought the ride was over...Really Mateo?
 Bella and Sam...such cute friends...wish they lived closer to each other!
 In utter AWE!!!!
 Father and Son....we were SO HAPPY TO HAVE GRANDPA WITH US!!!!
 Coolest part of the patch a corn kernal pit...the kids LOVED IT
 all of our babies!!!
and the best part....I got to bring this priceless pumpkin home with me!!!!


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