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Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Roundup: The It's BAAAAACCCKKK edition

So here I am just as I promised on a Monday night blogging the roundup of our weekend.  O sweet memories how I missed you.  I do admit...although I stood strong with the promise to myself in spending every waking moment I could quenching my baby Cruz and his every memory ..I do have a lil regret that I didn't capture it on this lil virtual scrapbook of mine...because I find my self often reading enrties and bringing such gratitude for what I have left behind and what I have now.

This weekend was a much needed and welcomed "slower" paced kind of weekend...we spent it prepping for our upcoming trip and ofcourse DIY-ing...and threw in a couple of firsts as well.

 Mateo in is diaper goodness helping daddy prep the garden for this years crops....
 We spent a great evening with our family including Uncle Pepper and his Mozzarella Balls he drives down for from San Fran....quite the foodie....
 Cruz is really enjoying being a big boy in his bath now...he recently graduated from the baby seat bath to sitting up on his own....
 Mateo and his twin Allie....
 We enjoyed a beautiful afternoon at church...had a lil struggle with the Palm Cross making but wonderful none the less

 Aunt Evelyn hanging out with her Sticky Note buddy....
 Cruz enjoying the sand on our Beautiful Sundat morning beach walk...we are so blessed to live by the beach!!!!
 These 2 rascals took there first bubble bath together...Mateo was full of giggles when he saw us sit Cruz in there with him...such a happy pair....and have I mentioned how much I love my kitchen sink!!!!!
 My sweet husband always so great to go along with my many many DIY projects....I will share this weekend project with you later this week.

And finally...although little to most we had such a fun moment watching these two sit side by side on their Costco cart (whichI so diligently wiped with clorax wipes) you see...when I was pregnant with Cruz we often would day dream on the day when we would see these 2 chubby dolls sitting side by side and it happened this us the littlest things in life are HUGE.

I am so grateful to live the life I capture these moments I share them here with you...and look forward to looking back on them often.


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