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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Healthy recipe: The road trip edition

Tonight would be the night where I would share a yummy and healthy dish with you and I had it all planned BUT I am going on a road trip at 4am with 4 kids and all I can think about is how to keep them all happy, fed, and car sick free!

So here is what I did...

BINS!!!...I mean BINS...BINS...BINS...actually having such a large and busy brood I actually always have my mini van (home on wheels) well equipped and organized with these bins I talk about.
Toy Bin
First Aid Bin
Busy Box Bin
Snack Bin

 I keep the toy bin fresh and new by rotating the toys through and visiting the dollar tree to throw in new surprises every now and then....

 The first aid bin has all it's staples such as band aids, wipes, purell, medicine....but a HUGE tip is to ALWAYS keep some plastic bags handy just in case of car sickness!!!
 Labeled very clearly and in same size bins make for a neat and stackable situation and won't look junky...
 For the trip I bought some new books and wrapped them...I figured any cranky spells or stops at an eatery can be quickly redirected wit a great book...KEY WORD..REDIRECTED!!! (all my fellow behavioral therapists know what I'm saying...right?)
 Also I am schlepping along a big basket filled with healthy snacks...
 And some suckers for me...I get super car sick!!!!
Lastly...if all else fails...I'm blowing up some balloons and we are having a party in that car!!!



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