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Friday, June 21, 2013

2 1/2.....the funny one

I have pretty silly and creative kids.....all four make me laugh everyday....but this lil guy is officially my comedian...all day everyday...he finds ways to make us all fact....I am convinced he has mastered the fine art of making me soooooo mad one second and cracking me up so hard the next that I forget what I was even mad about.

My blonde sweetie....the one who looks like his daddy...making me look like the nanny...and keeps me asking for one hug after the other.

The one who keeps me on my toes and fills me with wonderment...I love you buddy...happy 2 1/2 birthday! Thank you for bringing so much laughter into my everyday!

Mateo is: 
Scooter junkie
Talking like crazy
Knows his abc
Counts in English and Spanish
Songs every hour
Obsessed with Mumford and sons
Loves to eat cookies
Counts down to daddy's arrival from work every afternoon
Loves his siblings
Worships his brother Johnny...calls him rock and roll
Calls for his sister Baggins every moment
And is his lil brothers shadow and BFF

Mateos mama

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