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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Our lil blueberry....10 months old

Double digits!!!!
As I lay here next to him in the the darkness of my room all I can hear is the sound of his breathing ....I am overwhelmed with the gratitude for his health and the sadness for the time flashing by. He is mine forever is what I have to tell myself every day....but having a big teenager that looks exactly like my lil blueberry only reminds me how quickly life flashes second they are babies the next the are towering over you and busy lil bees. I will quench the time...and appreciate everyday I can be honored to be his mama!

Cruz is:
Crawling and cruise walking like crazy
Attempting to stand holding on to nothing
Says cat...dada...and ball
Babbles a bunch
Smiles even more.
Eats and loves everything...
But mama is still his favorite!


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