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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My Golden Boy....the 13th edition

It was a perfectly Johnny day...I asked him what he wanted to do..and all he wanted was to spend a quiet day together.  All he wanted was to spend time with his brothers and sister. All all we did was just that. 
Pancake Birthday Breakfast...a trip to the library where Johnny checked out a billion old metal CDs...Bella a big fat book...Mateo a large animal picture book...and cruz pooped his joke...a huge go back to the car right away and change kind of poopy diaper.

Picked up a pizza and the kids came home to enjoy it on a blanket in their backyard...their favorite place.

This year you have:
Become a high school and did it with confidence ..respect...and joy
Performed numerous performances with the APA program and as I knew you would proved to your instructors that you are a gem
Became a big brother again...and this time to your mini me
Still have braces
Grew taller than your papa bear

We love you


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