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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love in my heart...anger on my mind.

I really like to keep it positive on this blog...and every now and then I will possibly slip up and rant a bit...I dont think I have yet...but it just might happen.  This week I have had a hard time seeing the good in somethings...and maybe it's my fault for watching the news every morning but it is just disgusting to know what exsists out there in our world.  All I know is that when it comes to my kids...I will protect them at all costs...I am a good person...BUT...if anyone ever laid their hands on one of my kids...I gaurantee you will see my face on the 11 oclock news.  I CANNOT and will not elaborate any further on this weeks news topics because then you will see a lot of profanity...let me just take a deep breath...close my eyes..and remember the beauty and happiness that is my 4 angels..that are very well protected by My Jamas, Big John, and moi!



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