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Friday, February 24, 2012

My 6 month Anniversary at Peter's Landing

I can't believe it has already been 6 months since I became a vendor at The Peter's Landing Art Show...time whized by.  I have LOVED my time there...perfect hours...perfect weather...nice people...talented fellow artists...close to home...and BEST OF has helped a lot to keep mommy home to raise all of our babies!  I am so grateful every single day that I'm married to such a hard working man that understands the importance of keeping me at home with our babies...because to me it means the world.  Everytime I feed Mateo a warm meal...or kiss his boo boos when he falls...or am able to snuggle him when he is a sicky...I can't imagine leaving him.
So thank you to my lil family for being such a great team..we are blessed.

And come on down and join me this beautiful Saturday morning from 9am til 2pm. We now have a petting zoo and pony rides...we also have live music...YUMMY food..and great artists!  Not to mention your STYLE BANDIT has some new super chic pieces!

The Style Bandit

Enjoying the zoo at Peter's Landing

He is actually really scared of this cow's kinda cute!

Love this Gladiator Ring

Hands new favorite piece

Sweet Spring Belt

Beautifu fluffy flowers

Cool statement cuff

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