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Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Roundup: The Worst Cold Edition

Last week whipped us...we all got a really bad cold(EXCEPT FOR OUR BELLA) and thank God we are all better.  We snuggled this weekend and just focused on getting better.

Bella took care of us all

This lil guy enjoyed his first cone

We kept our weekend very relaxing and comfy to help us all mend...this is the entire brood CATFACE...watching the Premire of PUSS IN BOOTS.

All the boogies in the face and hair tramatized me and we had to give this lil guy a tiny bang trim.

Bella and I had our own lil Oscars Party where we nibbled on honey and goat cheese crustinis and sipped on bubbly...seltzer water bubbly..

We wore our gowns...and made acceptance speeches whenever our choices would win...I guessed only 1 right...Bella swept it up though!

And thank God this lil guy is all better...his smile is back!!!


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