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Monday, May 27, 2013

Our 9 month blueberry

Where in the world did this past month go???? I can't believe we are up to 9 months already!!!! This month has been both a joy filled and heart wrenching month. It's the month where my sweet baby boy went from being in my arms....being carried all around....and now he is a mobile Cruz-ing machine....literally.....we is everywhere....and really quick! 
I have to remind myself that he will always be my lil baby....even when he is taller than me and shaving just as Johnny does. Because our babies have to grow up in the worlds eyes.....but never in ours. I will forever have the image of them in my arms deeply burrowed in my heart...and their scent never goes away.

Cruz is now:
Pulling himself up
Taking steps
Talking a lot
Reaching for us
Eating all veggies and fruits
Playing independently
Playing with his Mateo very well

Slow Down Cruz
I love you


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