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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Weekend Roundup....Mateo is a condor

We are at the calm before the ballet recital storm....soon her two rehearsal weekend will quickly turn to alllllll we took advantage and ran over to visit Mateos animal buddies....
And yes....totally worth driving to LA to see this smile when he first catches a glimpse of his amazing elephants!
Cruz is so aware and is really starting to enjoy all of our adventures.... It's so fun to watch!
One of the best parts of the LA Zoo is the GORGEOUS beautiful...all different...not one repeated animal....amazing....Mateo was in the zebra mood...he took a minute to decide....but that's what he chose. 
We found this lil guy enjoying a cone on a beautiful sunny day....
And happened....Mateo became a condor...
We rushed back to pick Bella up from ballet and relaxed for the rest of the day...kinda..
Well...some of us relaxed....

Cruz decided he would take his walker for a stroll....
And my Jamas bbq for us ....picnicking with my family is my newest obsession...enjoying our backyard with a new crawling baby climbing on us is the best....

Swimming everywhere...sun playing....picnic idea of heaven!


If you want to enjoy a nice easy and inexpensive day....I highly recommend the LA Zoo on a Saturday morning...the museum right in front of the zoo hosts a farmers market and food trucks every sat morning so before we entered the zoo we took a stroll down there ate some fruits..fed the boys some fresh avocados and then walked over to the zoo.  Another highlight is everyday at 11am they bathe and feed the elephants so it is a must to arrive by then.  We have annual passed which is worth every penny....the entire family only 120.

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