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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend roundup....from scratch

We visited my old office just checking in and letting them know I will return to my 4hour work week in July!!!! So excited to debut my many many new items I will be offering....and my revamped booth!
Btw....Mateo loves to visit my old office...haha!
This lil boy I am convinced will be a zookeeper or a vet someday!
My good friend Sheila and her family joined us and we enjoyed some ah-mazing snow ones
The boys enjoyed the beautiful weather....Cruz got his major splash on....
And the greatest sister on earth was front row....
That night my hubs and I made Cadillac margaritas from scratch...(just a sip for me...still nursing a whole bunch!) but let me tell you they were much better than the mix!!!!
Johnny and his band jammed and Mateo crashed the party with his head banging skills!!!!
Sunday morning we attended the patchwork show in Santa Ana and it was so inspiring....I cannot wait to return as a vendor once again....I thought about it but couldn't bring myself to leave Cruz for that hopefully in the fall I will be able to.

My favorite booth was that of oh hello many cuuuuutttttteeee items....the owner Danni is the cutest bitty thing and she is the proud owner of her own shop now in downtown Fullerton....I have been there and it is adorable!

James goat his food truck on!
And so did the kids.....
And I enjoyed my baby filled day with my one and only....

Margaritas from scratch...why yes....but also a big whopping batch of triple chip choc cookies..ll
We went on a hike ...beautiful....Yes! Painful.....evenmore!!!' I fell and skinned my knees something fierce but it was too beautiful not to continue!!!! far we have margaritas...cookies...ah yes....we needed pizza from scratch...yum!!!
And this rolling bunny turned 9 months old! FFFFRRRREEEEZZZZZZZEEEEE TIME!
And nothing says three day weekend like a hunk working on our home....

Hope you had a very Happy Memorial Day...and you remembered that its not about burgers and ribs...but about the brave men and women that have fought and continue to fight for our freedom!
Now...get to work Cruz!!!'m


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