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Thursday, November 15, 2012

80 fingers and toes

Since I was 19...and for the rest of my life...I am a mommy.
I will always worry...because it is what we do as moms..we worry, nurture, clean, change diapers, cook meals, drive around, check homework..the list is endless.

I recently read a beautiful story in a blog I follow
Memories on Clover Lane
It is written by a mother of 6 (recently gave birth to her 6th same time as Cruz's arrival)
she writes about her good and challenging days...and she writes on why she chose to be a SAHM...why it means so much to her and her entire family...
she explains that it's not because of the cliche assumptions that it is for her to capture her children's first steps..or words.
She explains that it is to be there for the bad days...she wants to be there for the runny noses, and the scuffed up knees...she wants to be the one who gives them the medicine and then snuggles up to watch Finding Nemo with them.
I found myself reading this entry and nodding heart filling with happiness to read words of exactly the way I feel and am passionate about this.  I quickly found myself crying as I read along..because as much as we as mothers try to articulate what this feels like..and how we can be having a perfect day which quickly can turn to a horrible day..and end up as a blissful day...there is nothing greater than knowing that we are understood and appreciated. 
Now...don't get me wrong...I am human..and I have those mornings where things go wrong left and right..and MAYBE I let a curse word or two slip out in front of all four kids...but what can I say..sometimes the "s" word can set you free.  

I am fully aware that I am blessed to have this opportunity..and to have an amazing husband who supports this and makes it happen with all his hard work.  We as a family all sacrifice to make this happen...and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

Simply said..they are my world...I wouldn't want any other life than the one I have today..I will gladly take the stinky diapers, occasional whines, sleepless nights, long drives to a fro, helping with homework (and having to secretly google the answer), sporting chipped fingernails because I never have the 5 min it takes for the polish to properly dry....I WILL TAKE IT ALL...just so that at night I can kiss all four of my babies goodnight...and turn to my husband and thank HIM for my happily ever after!

Don't let this face fool you...10 min prior to this...he dumped an entire can of Clover Spice all over my kitchen floor!

He often drives me CRAZY..but mostly makes me laugh

I proudly NOW drive a mini fill it to the brim with my 80 fingers and toes

Lil Mama

Lil Papa

My Life


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