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Monday, November 12, 2012

La Ultima Calabaza

Hello out's me...been busy mourning the passing of October...and these are the last images of this years October I can share.  

Bella's Witches Tea Party turned out so darn cute...I think I can file it under my favorite..Ever!  I have a lot more pictures in my camera...but I cant seem to find that silly thing...oops.  But I can share my phone pics...and I wish they were better...but you'll get the jist!

The table was covered in thick black butcher paper and with white crayon I set the seating..I also left some crayons on the table for the kids to doodle with.
 Our sweet lil witch welcomed all her friends with a snack in these cute popcorn boxes...
 A candlelit table covered in spiders and snakes..and accented with cute lil pumpkins.
 A simple centerpiece wrapped in white crepe paper with two big googly eyes poking out finished the pretty table scape up.

The kids had a blast..we served bloody eyeballs (turkey meatballs with olives on a bed of marinara sauce) and cute lil tomato soup glasses with a wedge of grilled cheese...super cute...super easy..and super yummy.  I was so happy that Bella proclaimed it (like she does every year ;)) As her favorite party so far!

 Halloween was also great...we went out just for a lil walk around the neighborhood with this lil peanut..his elephant...the ringmaster...and our Teenager wanted to be the ghost from snoopy...yup...that's my boy!

 I was pretty pleased because I actually made 3 out of the 4 costumes...and can you see the booties Cruz is wearing...they were lil elephant booties...MY FAVORITE!!!


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