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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our 3 month old blueberry

Lil sidebar here...I am a bit of a LOCA here in this video..I just got really excited and HAPPY to see him laugh and smile to one of my favorite beings on the cousin (more like brother) Uncle PEP..I love you PEP!

As I sit here in bed...the house still quite...all my babies fast asleep..Cruz right beside me in his bassinet...I can hear his every breath...I am overwhelmed with happiness.
I'm not tired
I'm not overwhelmed
I'm not scared
I am just so very grateful that we prayed for the fourth baby 
I am so honored that I get to raise and watch their journeys
I CANNOT imagine my life or my family without our Lil Blueberry Cruz
He is the most delicious and FLUFFY icing on the cake!

This Month:
He laughs..a lot
He smiles..a TON
He talks...NON STOP
He eats like a champ..and burps even better.


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