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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Instagram Addict

My name is Maria Bryan....and YES...I am an Instagram addict!
And I will tell you is so darn cool!!!
I love documenting a snippet of our lives through a simple lil square.
It brings me great joy to look at all the pictures and reminisce.

I recently put my obsession in good use and made a great lil artsy addition to our living interactive kinda of piece.  So here we go:

Let me start by saying that I am really horrible at capturing enough pictures that document my projects or recipes...and I always kick myself about that because I am CONSTANTLY working on a project or trying out a new recipe and when they turn out good...and I wanna share...I got nothing but words for you all...SORRY.  But here we go...fill in the visual blanks with your imagination....

It started off with my increasing hatred for these swirly mirrors that welcomed you as you walked into our home...I remember when we bought the house a couple years ago..I thought to myself...THOSE HAVE TO GO...but I never got a round to it....and I was afraid of messing up the wall behind it while attempting something.  So when I came across this idea I thought it was a perfect option for a temporary and fun look to the space.

As I suspected when I took the mirrors down some of the wall came down with it...oops!  But I measured out the sheet metal exactly and filled the entire space.

 BE VERY CAREFUL when working with sheet metal it is super sharp and you will need tin snips to cut...CAREFUL!!!
 Once you cut that all out...hang up simply with some small nails....around the entire piece.
 mosey on over to peasy website that take your instagram pictures and print them up in the adorable square and filtered image!
 Cut magnet strips and adhere to the back of each pic...
Place them as you wish and enjoy your family everyday!

Hope you enjoy much more you can also do to this...framing it...etc....but I think I might keep it simple like this....the bottom half is bare right now because a CERTAIN SOMEONE NAMED MATEO would ravage the pics he could reach if I gave him the I kept it bare and threw up some BEAUTIFUL Melissa and Doug wooden animal puzzle magnets up for him to play with....and he looooovvvveddddd it!!!!  


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