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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eleven Years of Bella Bliss

It was eleven years ago when I was laying in a hospital bed waiting for my new lil cherub to be delivered to me.  The delivery was successful in the sense that my darling Bella was born healthy...but I had a spinal fluid leak and it caused me pain like I have never thought they had to drug the heck out of me on the operating table..and by the time they pulled Bella out via c section...I could barely remember hearing them say ITS A GIRL...let alone her sweet lil face.  So by the time they finally placed her in my arms...I was DYING with anticipation...and she was DYING of there she was a perfect lil rosy cheeked darling baby girl that captured my heart so deeply that it is all I remember from that moment....I just remember crying and repeating to her HOW MUCH I LOVED HER!

Bella truly enriches my life....she astonishes me with her kind and caring soul everyday...and she just simply makes me smile.

I have the greatest job in the world...I am PROUDLY the stay at home mommy to four amazing kids...and Bella is the Lil Mama of my Brood.

I love you Bella
Feliz Cumpleanos


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