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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Favorite Things: 1

The news has been freaking me out with this whole flu outbreak situation..I mean..I know they do this every year..BUT..the kids doc even confirmed that this has been the worst cold/flu season in decades...HELLO..DECADES!  
AND...for those of you who know me well..I am a total germ a phob...I HATE runny noses...they scare the caca out of me!
I am a self admitted ocd..germ gagging..get the heck away from me kinda gal during these few months..ESPECIALLY when we have a wee lil one at home. of the many reasons why I am so grateful to be a SAHM..I would just faint and freak at the same time if I had to drop my kids of at daycare.
I have a friend whose had her son in daycare since 6 weeks old...and that poor kid has been sick so often. :( So I am trying to remind myself of grateful...and just stop watching the news.

I was planning to have a FAVORITE THINGS PARTY this month and being that 75% of my friends are teachers...hmmmmmm...I think I will be postponing it just a couple more months. the mean time..I wanted to share with you some new and fantastic finds...and who knows...maybe this hermit crab will share some on a weekly basis:

Top Left: The new WORLD ATLAS app by father in law bought us the brand spankin new Ipad and this thing is CRAZY amazing...Mateo and Bella fight over it all the time!  and this app in particular is beautiful!!!!!  A must see $1.99

Top Right: Voluminous False Fiber....OMG...amazing!  Through the years I have tried many different mascara  This one hands down has been my FAV find it at Target. $7.49

Bottom Left: Sally Hansen Xtreme wear nail many beautiful shades...stays on my nails at least 4 days...which those of you who know me well (and my usual chipped nails) knows this is a find! $6.49 @ Target

Bottom Right:  Oh Dear Lord....why...WHY......WHY did I discover this!!!???  And why am I being so evil in telling you all about it?  It'd because you just have to try's amazing!!!! @Trader Joe's $3.50....and now they have the CRUNCHY version...I won't but it...I refuse! here you go...I hope to see you at my Favorites Things Party....when the epidemic is over!


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