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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Our Blueberry....5 months

This lil cherub is growing so quickly and developing such a fun cute and amazing lil personality.  Cruz looovvveeessss his siblings...he adores when Bella sings to him...he is mesmerized my Johnny's drums and hair...and he is head over heels with his Mateo...Mateo is always CRACKING him up!  I am so very happy, blessed, and excited that we have all four of these awesome kids...but most of all that they will have each
other when they grow up.

This month....he can't be stopped...the kid is a rolling machine...and has me thinking that crawling is not  too far away!  
Babbling like crazy...and laughing so hard...especially because we have mastered his ticklish spots...especially right under his DELICIOUS double chin...yummy DOUBLE CHIN!
SO far "mama milk" is the only thing on his menu and will be for at least another month and then we will start introducing food...which I am sure he will love seeing that he is swatting at everyones spoons!

Gosh I just love him so much...overwhelmed with gratitude!


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