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Monday, January 14, 2013

Once a week: 1st edition

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that A) I am obsessed with it (unhealthy obsession perhaps) and B) Most of my pictures are all of my kids.  I take hundreds of pictures of my kids and love to look back on them all the time.  So when I came across one of my favorite Bloggers Bleubird Vintage and her AMAZING idea of taking and posting 1 picture of each of the kids once per week I thought...holy MAZOLA that is such a beautiful idea!!!  You see...I blog not for the many many reasons others do...I blog simply to keep family and friends connnected...but most importantly...keeping my memories archived for myself (my memory is similar to that of Dory's from Finding Nemo...I am not kidding)!  

on his way to band practice

started her own fashion blog

started bike training

is concerned with his drooling problem

Thanks again to The Bleubird Vintage for her beautiful mind!


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