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Monday, January 7, 2013

Ladies and Gentlemen..I give you..BELLARINA FASHION BLOG

When I was a lil girl I looooved to sketch out pictures of my "outfit designs" I called them...I drew them  out and would plan out my outfits by the week.
I loved fashion...still do. I remember always being kinda a "whimsy" dresser as a kid...trying new things...that maybe didn't quite work out every time...but at least I tried. :)

When I was expecting my first baby EVERYONE wanted me to have a girl...but I always wanted a boy that I could later have my girl..and her big brother could protect her (threaten any boys that try to get fresh)...and now I have my girl and she is securely sandwiched by a slew of brothers...mission accomplished.

So...YES...I had my girl...and oh boy what a girly gal she has turned out to be.
Bella is a sweet caring..and not at all a materialistic or the kind of girl who cares what she looks like...BUT...the girl LOVES fashion...and the girl KNOWS fashion...she has a natural knack for it like you wouldn't believe!!!!!

I am so grateful to have such a sweet daughter...but I can't makes it really fun to have a fashionista doll!

Ladies and gentlemen...I give you 
BELLARINA: a real girls guide to fashion

Hi everyone in bloggy name is Bella and I love fashion.
My hope is to bring you this blog not as a way to show of my style and brand it the best...because I know we all have different visions and style and taste...but what I do hope you take away from it is that fashion can be so very fun...and affordable.
I want you all to see that you can put a fun and unique outfit together with pieces from all over the place...I often take a target piece and i will pair it with a vintage piece and come up with something that I know will be different.
One of the coolest things to do is go thrifting with my mom and finding something awesome and whimsical...oh yeah WHIMSICAL!

I hope you will like my blog...and check in from time to can find me at:

This is spirit day at my school..and being that I am the class president I felt the need to be uber spirited and so I took it up a notch.
Sequoia shirt/school   Red Tutu/Discount Dancewear   Black Leggings/Target

This is a day out with my mama getting our nails fun!

Pant-Legging Harajuku Mini/Target    Hello Kitty Tank/Vans T-shirt   Scarf/handmade by my mama
PomPom Booties/Target   Foam Flip Flop/Happy Nails

Pumpkin Patch Couture
Pumpkin Tshirt/ Target    Black Tutu/Discount Dance Legging Tights/Hot Topic Head and wristband/handmade by mama
Christmas Party Day at School
Harajuku Dress/ Target  Black Blazer/Gap Kids(2 years ago) Headband/Claires  Black Ballet Flats/ I forgot
New Boots Day
Heart Sweater/ Target (it was on sale...woot woot)   Leggings/ Target  Boots/Justice
Cardigan/ Forever 21(3 years's my moms)  Skirt/Charlotte Russe(also my mom's)  Hair Flower/ The Style Bandit   Toms/Nordstroms
And mom's favorite one...Skull Chic
Cardigan/ Target   Blouse/a lil boutique in Huntington Beach...forgot name...sorry  Hello Kitty Pleather Skirt/TARGET...that's right TARGET!

Thanks everyone...hope you like my blog....and hope to hear from you soon!

Bella Bear

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