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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Mother Teresa must have been my BFF

So I am thinking that in my past life I had to of done something Mother Teresa's Bff...because God had blessed me with some pretty spectacular kids!

In the past week very happily we have been kept very busy attending various awards assemblies for Johnny's school..including one this Monday where he won for Best Original song...he actually composed his own music for a short film that he and his buddies made for a history assingment.  He took it upon himself to go that extra "Johnny" mile and record his own music..pretty cool.  

Mateo has moved on to 3 syllables...with his new word "DINOSAUR"..yes...yes!

And we celebrate our sweet Bella Bear...who ran for president!!!  She delivered an awesome well articulated and sweet lil speech...rocking a fabulous lil striped blazer I might add..and a few hours later we got the GREAT NEWS...she won Class President of her school...what an awesome 6th year at Sequoia this will be for her. she is so happy and proud of herself..and it's actually really cute...because she really took being on Student Council this past year very seriously!
Truth be told...if I can ever imagine this country being run by a would DEF be by this Dancing Lil Butterfly we call BELLA BEAR!
Congrats my deserve it so much!

 She was the last to speak...and I could tell she was nervous..but she did GREAT!

 She put as much thought into her she did her speech..AFTERALL..she is the STYLE BANDIT'S Daughter! hehehehehe

 Mateo Congratulating his Nikko...whom he adores...and WON FOR VICE PRESIDENT!!!!!!
 Please ignore the slowly swelling moonpie I call my face right now!!!!!!
 Ummmmmm...I'm just gonna say it..John and I look a lot alike in this pic! hahahaha
 Afterschool Mateo RAN into Bella's arms greeting her with a bouquet of flowers..Proud Brother!

 The Power House BELLA AND NIKKO!!!
 Mrs. Principal...loving on her future student..and let's just come out and say this too...they look more related to each other than I do with's ok..I have come to grips with The Nanny assumptions!

 My lovely wanted to celebrate...nope...not with Ice Cream..she wanted sushi..and I just drooled and prayed for August to I can SHOVEL sushi into my piehole!


Mama to La Presidente

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